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AirPods are not enough for the price tag on them

Hunter O. Lyle — Sports Editor When it comes music, there is no better way to listen than with headphones and earbuds. They allow for music to be the only thing you hear, creating a void of nothing but the vicious riffs of Jimi Hendrix – or whatever you so choose. are many kinds of headphones and earbuds that offer

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WSIN Radio hosts semi-annual ‘SinFest’

Jackson Volenec — Reporter The WSIN Radio Station held a SinFest, a semiannual hip-hop concert on Thursday, Oct. 18 in the Student Center ballroom open to all students and the general public to celebrate local culture acts in Connecticut. “SinFest is this big concert that we throw during the fall semester hosted by WSIN. We get some local artists, hang

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Research projects receive recognition

Tamonda Griffiths—News Writer What was meant to be a small class project utilizing data has since turned into submissions to both the American Psychological Association and the Eastern Psychological Association. Using Billboard charts for the music genres of pop, country and rap/R&B, psychology professor Patricia Kahlbaugh said her students in PSY 393: Experimental Methods decided to research how much the

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Songs that made Southern students feel heard in high school

Haljit Basuljevic—Reporter For most of us, music acted as an escape and a chance for reflection back in the turbulent times that were our high school years. For some students, music was like mirrors to our experience, something that words could not quite grasp. Candance Naude, a music major, characterized her high school years as “stressful” and found music to

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