Quick, cheap, do-it-yourself Halloween costumes

Jessica Pellegrino General Assignment Reporter

With Halloween a couple weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about your costume. Halloween is a staple holiday for going out and having a great time. But Halloween in college can be a real struggle between wanting to have a good costume, and wanting to save precious money.

Do It Yourself, or DIY costumes, can save you money while still having a unique, awesome Halloween costume. Not to mention, isn’t there something satisfying in making your own outfit? Here’s what you need to know about Do It Yourself and some examples of DIY costumes!

Pop Culture Reference:

Pop culture reference costumes can be extremely timely and unique, not to mention you probably already on most of the materials! For example, an Audrey Hepburn costume would only require a dollar store tiara, some pearls, and your favorite black dress. Guys, you can dress as the Brawny paper towel man with just a red flannel and a roll of paper towel. Whether its Miley Cyrus, Grumpy Cat, or Toddlers in Tiaras, pop culture reference costumes are easy to make and you will be the life of the party.

Pop culture costumes are also great for groups. Just think how easy it will be for your crew to dress as the PowerPuff Girls, or *NSYNC. Group costumes are inexpensive because they require so few pieces. You and your friends can dress up as any movie cast, TV crew or band! Remember: The whole point of Do It Yourself is to save money so try to pick costumes you know you could make with household items or accessories you already own.

Couples Costumes:

Couples costumes are probably the most DIYable costumes possible. For instance, having two sweat suits, one purple and one brown, could make the world’s easiest PB & J costumes. Couples can dress as their favorite TV couple with minimal effort. Another easy couples costume would be a Sandy and Danny from Grease. All you need is a couple leather jackets, a pair of leggings and a lot of hairspray.

Couples costumes are cute, great for pictures and really memorable. You can DIY just about any couple in all of history and make a Halloween costume.

Funny Costumes:

Go to your local hardware store and take a few gray paint chips. Paste them to a gray shirt and gray pants and you are Fifty Shades of Grey! This is just one of the many funny DIY costumes that are virtually free.

Another example of a funny costume is a pineapple. Simply slip on a yellow dress and spray green temporary color in your hair. Funny Halloween costume ideas are all around you and easy to recreate. Not to mention, they are great for people for if you are invited to a party last minute because they take the least effort.

Remember, there is no wrong way to DIY, so go around your dorm and pick out a few items you already own and start from there. DIY is only cost effective if you plan wisely. If you are buying every item for the costume it can add up and be more expensive than if you just bought a costume.

Photo Credit: lobo235


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