‘Murder Mystery Night’ sparks Halloween spirit

Ellie SherryReporter

In the spirit of Halloween approaching, on Thursday, Oct. 17, the English Bookmarks held their annual murder mystery night.

Murder Mystery Night is an event hosted by the English Bookmarks club each year. They provided snacks such as pizza and cupcakes, all of which were Halloween themed, and people were instructed to come to the party dressed as their favorite characters, or as something spooky.

At the event they played Halloween themed music such as songs from Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas, ate off of ghost and mummy plates, and mingled while waiting for the murder mystery part of the night to begin. The e-board of the English Bookmarks club decided who the narrator would be prior to the event, and they would select the first person to be “killed.”

One of the members of the club is music and English double major Angel Rodriguez, a sophomore, who said he did as instructed and came in costume as Mario.

“This is our annual murder mystery night for the English Bookmarks club. Basically is a little Halloween party that we throw and we play a game at it,” Rodriguez said. “It is a guest party setting, and the premise is that there is a murderer and the game is played as a day and night setting, so
every night someone gets killed. The goal of the game is to find out who the murderer is.”

Another member of the English Bookmarks club who attended the event was political science major Dabar Ratupenu, a senior.

“We have to be kind of like a detective to find out who the murderer is. We haven’t based it on a story, but there is a narrator,” said Ratupenu.

“The narrator talks through the day and night cycle, and in the night cycle they decide who the next dead person will be.”

The roles were decided by drawing out of a hat. At the beginning of the game everyone goes around in a circle to introduce themselves and tell the group why they are not the murderer. Then the group will get to accuse someone of being the murderer. The game is very similar to Clue, except there is one person that dies every night. The first person to be murdered was English major Arrie Lopez, a sophomore and secretary of the English Bookmarks club.

“This is the first time I am playing this game. I dressed not as a particular character, but more as Spooky time,” Lopez said in regards to her ghost shirt and zombie socks.

After everyone ate and the game was about to get started there were some unexpected issues. There was one round of the game completed until the narrator of the event suddenly felt ill and the event was canceled.

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