Some trends are continuously refusing to die

Carissa Duhamel – Copy Editor

Right now it’s difficult to imagine stepping outside without every inch of your epidermis swathed in fabric, but in less time than you might think the frozen tundra that has currently enveloped our outdoor environment will make way for warm rays of sunshine – and consequential subtraction of clothing. If you want to transition with style out of the coats and scarves you wear now like battle armor to face the elements, getting educated immediately on the trends that will dominate the spring season is a must.

This spring, like almost all others before it, prints will be making their appearance known. Designers drew inspiration from around the world this season and translated it into loud, ethnic prints, like in the collections of Valentino and Alexander McQueen. These artists dressed their models in bright, geometric garb that could double as costumes for period pieces, and the result was stunning. Make this trend your own by adopting an item that looks handmade and starkly cultural with vivid patterns; it’ll be both memorable and conversation sparking.

On the exact opposite note, designers also held onto the 90s trend from this fall/winter season with simple monotones tailored to make a statement. Take Balmain’s metallic-embellished denim shoulder grazing top, for example, worn by Rihanna for the house’s 2014 spring ad campaign. Designs like these are especially nostalgic for children of the 90s, so pay homage to your birth decade by throwing on a pair of solid-toned pointy-toed d’orsay stilettos with a body-hugging, perfectly fitting monotone dress, free of ruffles or any other adornments for the next time you spend an evening downtown. That kind of outfit will make the statement ‘less is more’ really make an impression in more than a few people’s minds.

Another big trend for this spring is reminiscent of Lady Gaga – art pop. Designers like Miuccia Prada recreated political street art images on dresses and bags, and to shocking effects. Make yourself into a walking piece of art this spring by wearing a clutch painted to look like an eyeball, or a blouse that appears to have been painted with watercolors.

An important recurring note to be made on spring fashion for this fall is the dominant hemline, which is generous in length! Carrying over from the maxi-skirted memories of last summer, this spring presents dresses that graze mid-calf or just above the ankles. This season is somewhat relaxed and modest in that aspect – no designers are asking us not to bend over in any of our outfits, but rather encourage freedom of mobility while at the same time as offering privacy.

Reinterpreted sportswear made waves among the fashion elite for this spring. Designers re-imagined windbreakers and shorts with untouchable elegance, using fabrics like silk and leather for items so intrinsic to the athletic experience as track pants and sweatshirts. Perhaps wear a technical mesh top with tailored pants and heels next time you hit the club for an elevated “sporty spice” look.

Lastly, secondary trends of the spring season include floral and pastels (what else is old), loose fitting menswear, more crop tops, wide fit trousers, and metallics for daytime. I’m not exactly keen on the last item, but attempt if you dare! The rest of the trends are, in my opinion, refreshingly comfortable, feminist, and contemporary bohemian, and thus worthy of my wardrobe (and potentially yours). Happy spring dressing!


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