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This year’s homecoming pep rally was the best yet

Aaron JohnsonGeneral Assignment Reporter

NEW HAVEN – The Southern Connecticut State University homecoming celebration was on full show during the Pep Rally Thursday night at the Moore Field House. SCSU student cheered, chanted, and laughed as all Southern Owls teams were introduced.

“I haven’t gone to a lot of pep rallies but this one was definitely memorable,” said Edson Teixeira, junior accounting major from Bridgeport, Conn.


After each team was introduced, a slightly choreographed dance was performed. The men’s basketball team even danced to Sugar Hill Gang’s hip-hop classic “Apache” with the iconic “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” dance.

“It was funny. That is like my favorite old school dance,” said Da’Liza Rodriguez.

The night was festive and full of plenty of Southern school spirit. The highlight of the night was during the dance contest. The winner would take home a brand new television. Junior Ray Miller said that the craziest moment of the night was during the dance contest.

“I couldn’t believe what happened, it was hands-down the wildest, craziest moment since I’ve seen at Southern,” said Miller through a chuckle.

During the dance contest, while students from the stands as well as some of the members of several sports teams participated, a Southern student–who will remain nameless–lost the contest when her wig fell off, sending the crowd into a frenzy of disbelief and laughter.

“It was hilarious and I think we all felt bad for her but at the same time got a good laugh out of it,” said Teixeira.

After the laughter subsided, the pep rally continued with a performance from Southern’s very own Steppin’ Up drill team. Steppin’ Up turned the pep rally into a party as Southern students cheered the performance.

pep rally

“The drill team was great. I really liked everything they did tonight,” said Rodriguez. “I kind of got dragged to come out tonight but I’m glad I did. It was fun.”

All 19 intercollegiate programs were on hand. Fans were treated to giveaways and special performances in an exciting affair that led up to the annual Homecoming football game.

“I feel like this pep rally really got everyone hyped and ready for the game this weekend,” said Miller.

Dancing was definitely the theme of the night. Students even had a chance to dance with Otis the Owl, the SCSU mascot. Rodriguez said she wanted to dance with Otis.

“I really wanted to dance with the mascot. But then I figured that I’m not about that life because it was in front of everyone,” said Rodriguez.

Along with Otis and Steppin’ Up drill team, the Southern cheerleaders, Southern dance team, and Symphonic Pulse Dance Company each did routines as well.

“This was the first time I saw the SPDC so that was pretty cool,” said Teixeira. “I’m not that much of a dancer but I may even try to join them after seeing what they did.”

Overall Teixeira, Miller, and Rodriguez all said that they had a great time at the pep rally and that the experience was enjoyable.

“I kind of wish we had more pep rallies,” said Miller. “This was fun. It definitely had it’s crazy moments especially with that one girl. But I still had a great time.”

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