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Club fair introduces clubs and organizations to students

Trevon FreemanSpecial to the Southern News

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – She walked around the academic quad at SCSU observing the variety of clubs that were set up to attract the new freshman hosted by the office of Student Life. Brianna Alfaro, a freshman history major at Southern Connecticut State University, said she had some positive feelings when hearing about the club fair held last Wednesday.

    “I was really excited,” said Alfaro.

    With two jobs in hand, Alfaro said it would be a challenge to be involved with the clubs at SCSU but the club fair made her push towards joining.

    “It’s hard for me to try to get involved. I like that they’re all in the same area all at once, instead of going through them on the website and having to research each club individually,” said Alfaro.

    Joining a club is nothing new to Alfaro. She said she was the president of two different cultural organizations while in high school.

    Samantha Jannette, a freshman communication major, wasted no time figuring out what clubs she wanted to be apart of when taking a trip around the fair.

    “I joined the TV studio and the film society,” said Jannette.

    Jannette said she has already declared video production as her specialization and looks forward to being a part of any club that is similar to what she will study at Southern.

    According to the Student Life department, Southern is home to more than 100 clubs and organizations. The organizations serve the purpose of helping students reach their academic, personal and professional potential.

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    The club fair was eventful: it gave students three hours to read visuals done by organizations and ask questions. Students had the opportunity to learn about the clubs from current members like Jessica Weimann, a junior majoring in secondary English and education. Weimann is the president of Colleges Against Cancer, an organization that gives students the opportunity to bring the fight against cancer to campus. Weimann said the club fair is a big opportunity for the club to get students to join.

    “We get to have people get involved with our club. It really means we get to raise more awareness. The more people we have, the more awareness gets raise around campus,” said Weimann.

    She said by students becoming involved with the club, it means more work and money to fundraise to fight cancer.

    Vice President of Residence Hall Association and senior Melissa Deroche said the club fair is a chance to pull students in for help.

    “We are here at the club fair to get members to come to our meetings and advertise for our events on campus,” said Deroche.

    With much success in the past, Deroche said the plan is to continue to have events such as the trip to the Big E this month, Lake Compounce for Halloween, and a bus trip to New York City.

    The RHA club has some awareness about students going home on the weekends. Deroche said the club would like to provide more weekend events to gets students to stay.

    “Instead of doing a few here and there, we are going to do a tailgate at every single home game for football,” said Deroche.

     Alfaro, who made the most out of her time at the club fair, said it is a good idea to join a club here at SCSU because it will make the time memorable.

    “Everyone says to get involved because it is the only way you get to love the school and get to know people,” said Alfaro.

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  1. Joining clubs and organizations can sometimes teach you more about life skills than any other education you might receive. Hope to see photography club news!

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