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Ask Annie!

Dear Annie,

I know it’s only the second week of school but my new roommate is ALREADY driving me absolutely up the wall!  She is a complete slob that doesn’t even have the decency to pick her dirty clothes off of the floor and her trashcan is always overflowing onto the floor.

I tried to talk to her about it and her excuse was that she just doesn’t have time to take care of her side of the room, which doesn’t make any sense because she spends the majority of her time watching the TV (that we share) and playing on her laptop.  I was really excited to finally be living on my own on campus but now I just feel like I have to act like the “mother” of our room.

I don’t think that I’m being that unreasonable, I just don’t want to live in a room that has diseases growing in it!   Help before I get buried!


A caved in messy disaster


Dear A caved in messy disaster,

First of all, living with new people is always a challenge because everybody has different living habits and grew up in different lifestyles.  If you’re planning on living with this person for the rest of the semester you’re going to have to talk to her and make her see your point of view.  If it’s just basic cleanliness that she needs some work with then talk to her about it.

Have a “roommates meeting” and ask her opinion on the situation so she doesn’t feel like she is being cornered and ripped apart.  Maybe there is something that you’re doing that’s bothering her that makes her not want to compromise with your needs.  Good luck and play nice!



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