Winter, cuffing season and college relationships

Essence BoydNews Editor

As the temperature begins to drop and the leaves begin to fall, the number of couples flooding campus begins to rise.

The absence of a warm pair of gloves is replaced by a warm hand to hold and although every Christmas movie makes falling in love during this time of year the most magical and beautiful experience, I think it might just be the biggest trap anyone has ever set.

Do not get me wrong I am not trying to discredit anyone’s relationship that just happened to blossom during the winter months or stop people from excepting love around this time of year, however; do not allow your loneliness to walk you straight into the hands of heartbreak.

Like most things in our society, ‘cuffing season’ has been broadcasted and publicized until made acceptable by society.

According to licensed clinical psychologist Dara Bushman, cuffing season can be defined as the months “when people start to want to be tied down in a serious relationship due to the cold weather and lack of outdoors and sunshine causes singles to become lonely and desperate.” Although every story of how the relationship began may be just as special as the last, one thing they all have in common is the inevitable end that comes once the first flower sprouts from the ground.

From music lyrics to movies, cuffing season has been made into a running gag that somehow continues to circle around each year like a new strain of the flu, leaving you with similar symptoms.

The idea of holding on to a temporary love was put into words in Bobby Vinton’s 1972 ‘Sealed With a Kiss” which was later featured in Fabolous’ 2013 ‘Cuffin Season’ “Though we gotta say goodbye/For the summer/ Baby, I promise you this/ I’ll send you all my love/ Every day in a letter/Sealed with a kiss.”

Not wanting to be alone is normal and totally not this issue here, the issue is the idea of not “cuffing” someone due to genuine interest but in order to fill an empty bed until you no longer need the extra body warmth.

Society has made the idea of being emotionally unavailable and short-lived happiness not only acceptable, but the new norm when in all honesty entering someone’s life for your own timed interest is
not only immature, disgusting and simply a waste of time.

To make matters worse, in most cases after spending months getting to know all of someone’s favorite things and learning all about their life, you will probably never hear from them again after March, well not until next September. With that being said, if you were not drafted this time around, do not beat yourself up as you may have just dogged the biggest bullet of your life, until next year.

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