‘Rick and Morty’ season four premiere brings more adventures

Jessica Guerrucci — Managing Editor

Death crystals, fascist shrimp, and a holographic Rick — there is nowhere else you can find all these things together except for this show. We have all waited two years, and Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith did not disappoint.

If you are like me, you sat in front of your television, computer, or whatever device you used to watch “Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat,” the first episode of the fourth season of “Rick and Morty,” at 11:30 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 10
when it was released.

I will tell you this — it takes a lot of thinking to understand even half the references in this show, but the basis of this episode was simple and it flung into action fast. Within the first few minutes, we see that Rick dies after crashing his spacecraft, leaving me unphased, as it does not take much to conclude that Rick, even if he actually has met his fate, will find a way back.

This all results from Morty’s fascination with the death crystal that he discovered on his adventure with Rick. The death crystal drives the story line as Morty becomes obsessed with the image in the death crystal, which is him on his deathbed accompanied by his long-time love interest and obsession, Jessica, who tells him “I love you.”

Morty, who is now determined to ensure his fate, will do anything to make sure the vision he sees does not change. Of course, what would be a Rick and Morty adventure be without Rick? It is not long until holographic Rick appears to mess it up and accuse Morty of discriminating against holograms after choosing not to resurrect him.

With Morty sticking
to his decision, we see a side of Morty we have not before. On the other hand though, Rick is left to find a way to resurrect himself by using the bodies of random clones in several fascist universes where he runs into everything from teddy bears to shrimp. Though the fascist worlds are excellent yet bizarre, it is not until, “Wasp Rick” that he finds some empathy.

Morty, in his quest, quickly establishes himself as “the new bully in town,” despite being the least frightening character in the show, unless you are counting his counterpart — Evil Morty. Afterwards, an encounter with a school bully sends him presumably to his death into the ever-thinning atmosphere after acquiring sci-fic gadgets. The death crystal, which Morty has now lodged in his forehead, gets him through court after the visions allow him to persuade the judge he is speaking for her dead husband, and declaring a very guilty Morty, innocent.

With the help of one of my favorite characters, Mr. Meeseeks, who we are lucky enough to see a hilarious second variation, [or off-brand Meekseeks] of in the “Kirkland.” Morty takes down the police and rises into his “Akira,” state — one for all you anime fans — but his glory is ultimately put to an end by Wasp Rick leaving his quest to die in the arms of Jessica are quickly dashed.

Like most Rick and Morty episodes, they return back home to a world of “normal,” which is when Rick gets frustrated with Morty’s sister, Summer, and breaks the fourth wall by saying she ruined the season four premiere of the show, which instead, concludes the episode in a truly wonderful way, leaving fans, such as myself, wondering what could possibly come next.

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