Athletes travel for improved chemistry

Hunter O. LyleSports Editor

There is no bigger factor in a team’s success than chemistry. Teams can live and die by the attitude and atmosphere in a locker room, and every coach should know that. Also, they should encourage beneficial team chemistry and do everything in their power to create a cohesive team.

After hearing about, and reporting on, Southern’s field hockey team’s upcoming summer trip to Bermuda, the question arised about why more teams do not do the same.

The field hockey team’s main goal of the trip is to foster a team bonding experience not only with the active and returning players, but with the incoming freshman who may not have enough time to meet their fellow teammates while also jumping into school, said head coach Kelley Frassinelli.

The NCAA allows for teams to go on trips once every four years, so every athlete could be able to have this experience. With that being said, every program at Southern should embark on a trip across the globe.

A summer trip would not only help team bonding, but also allow students and coaches to experience a brand-new culture far from home. From the food they eat to the people they meet, seeing the world from a different perspective could translate to broader love for their team and possibly, the game itself.

This is to mention that the rest of the world has sports too. Imagine the soccer teams at Southern going to a Premiere league game in August or taking the basketball teams to a European league game during the winter.

Coaches and players would not only get to bond while traveling through a foreign city, but they would also potentially be able to watch and study the game at a professional level.

Travel costs would not be an issue, as the field hockey team was able to fundraise enough money to cover the expenses.

There is no better time to get to know your teammates than when you all are in a new place, taking in and trying new things.

More programs within the athletic department should venture to different parts of the world. There is some genius behind this idea, as the benefits from these experiences would holistically help and guide the team to success.

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