A push to share the lime light

Hunter O. LyleSports Editor

During my year-long tenure as a reporter on Southern’s campus, I have covered a wide variety of sports. From sitting at the courtside press table during a playoff basketball game to watching the Owls defend Jess Dow Field for the annual Homecoming football game, I have witnessed a full spectrum of highlights and athletic personalities.

However, the sports that I feel are looked over time and time again, are the club sports. The students in these groups – black belts from the karate club, grand masters from the Taekwondo Club, even senior attackers from the men and women’s Rugby club – have typically claimed that these non-sanctioned sports are underrepresented on campus, with some saying that most students are unaware of half of the list.

I empathize with the athletes in the club sport sector. If I was competing and practicing as hard as them, I would want some recognition as well. To shed some light on these belittled clubs, I believe the athletic department at Southern should take these sports under their wing.

Currently, club sports are run by Campus Recreation, which offers little in the way of advertising. To even find the list of all active club sports, one must navigate through the depths of the Southern website, and even then, the athletic clubs are mixed in a list with the rest of club organizations.

If the athletic department were to pseudo-absorb club sports – and by that I do not mean make them official NCAA sports, but rather that they manage them –they would be able to publicize the events and clubs to more students. Surely more people visit the athletic website than the club organization page, which takes numerous clicks and searches.

All it would take is a new tab, titled “Club Sports,” and there could be a full list of club sports as well as the upcoming games, matches and meets.

This change would help inform students about what opportunities are available to them on campus.

That being said, it could  quite possibly attract new students to join some of these clubs while also appreciating the effort of the unofficial athletes we already have.

After all the blood, sweat and tears that come along with club sports, these students earned a place in the spotlight

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