Video captures in-class argument

Victoria BresnahanNews Editor & Tamonda GriffithsNews Writer

In a video obtained by the Southern News, a communication professor and students allegedly engaged in an argument during a Communication 101: Professional Presentations class.

Both a student and the professor used profane language against one another in the video. The communication professor, Wilfredo Alvarez, is no longer teaching any of his four classes, according to BannerWeb registration services for spring 2019.

One student, who asked to remain anonymous, was in the class during the incident. She said before the situation escalated, the professor asked a question regarding group presentations and assertiveness.

The professor’s response, the student said, was not well received by her fellow classmates and they asked the professor to move on to another topic of discussion. The student said this was the start of the incident’s escalation.

Response to the incident , which was allegedly reported by several students, was quick, according to the student.

The following class was canceled, and a replacement professor was present thereafter. It was explained Alvarez would not be returning, according to the student.

Communication professor Victoria Reid, who replaced Alvarez as the instructor for the Communication 101 class said, “It is an honor to teach such a great group of students,” and she was happy to be there.

The student said she has lost all respect for Alvarez after the incident.

President Joe Bertolino deferred comment on the incident via email to Integrated Marketing and Communications Director Patrick Dilger.

Chief Human Resources officer Diane Mazza, Communication Department Chairperson Michael Bay, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences Craig Hlavac, and Dilger stated they could not comment on the incident in any way due to it being a “personnel matter.”

Alvarez did not respond for comment on the incident.

*Edited to add in more information.

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