Campus is still beautiful in the rain

August PelliccioPhoto Editor

As the proverb dictates, March “goes in like a lion, and comes out like a lamb.”

Having had three examples of snow in the forecast already this month, it seems that the former half of the old addage stands true.

Just before the blanket of white graced campus, dreary, cloudy and foggy conditions lingered. Rain and gray skies made for wet walks across campus, but unexpected beauty emerged through the lens. Using a combination of traditional and unconvential photography techniques brought out the way campus shines through the rain drops and fog.

The Old Farmers Almanac for 2019 predicts no more snowfall beyond this point in the atlantic corridor, which includes New Haven, but the Weather Channel predicts more snow between March 8-10.

With warmer tempuratures, rain will come again at the month’s end, making more beautiful gray skies, fog, glistening raindrops and haunting reflections.

Inverted image (top left): Ralph Earl Hall Fine Arts building seen in the reflection of an accululation of rain water on the sidewalks running across the Academic Quad.

Tree branch with raindrops at Adanti Student Center. (Top right)

Long Exposure (Middle right): A wooded area north of Jess Dow Field almost completed obscured by fog in the cool air.

Triptych (Last row): a single rain drop rolls down the structure and into the reservoir of H20: Liquid Zone, an art installation located at the northwest corner of Engleman Hall.

Photo Credit: August Pelliccio

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