Valentine’s SCSU dates

Jessica GuerrucciReporter

For most, it is a day of love and happiness, while for others they just wait for the half-priced chocolate the day after either way most choose to spend it with the people they love.

While the cliché is to go out on dates with significant others, Valentine’s Day is not only for those in a relationship. For Hayden Davis, a social work major, she said she would be celebrating Valentine’s Day with her friends at Marist College in New York.

“We’re all single and figured it would be fun. We will probably go to the city or just go out for the night. It will be a fun Thursday and I’m staying till Saturday,” said Davis.

Others see it as an opportunity to spend time with their family. Mike Burns, a business management major, said he wants to spend the holiday with his mom and his brother, but the rest of his day will go as usual.

“I’m going to wake up, go to school, and then I’m going to go to my mom’s house for dinner,” said Burns. “She’s Italian, so she’s probably going to make some sauce. We’re going to hang out, and maybe my brother will be there.”

Johnathan Lopez, a physical education major said he would also be spending time with his mom and plans on buying her roses. He said Valentine’s Day should not just be about significant others, but all the people that you love.

“I just think it should be not just about relationships, but relationships with your family as well,” said Lopez.

For students in a relationship, like Leashia Langley, a graphic design major, she said she is looking forward to a night out with her boyfriend who is coming from New Jersey to see her.

“We are going to Red Lobster, and then we are going to get a hotel room for the weekend, and then we’re going to do gifts. We are also going to take my parents out to eat, and that’s my beautiful weekend,” said Langley.

Ciara Walker, a social work major, said she is going with her boyfriend to the botanical gardens at Yale and then to dinner downtown, but also said that Valentine’s Day is not important to her.

“I can do without, but it’s an American thing I guess, so a lot of people like to go all out, but I can just say that ‘I love you’ or ‘I like you,’ and that will be it for me personally,” said Walker.

For those who aren’t spending Valentine’s Day with someone special, they still find other ways to celebrate. Janaisha Twyne, an accounting major, said she would be delivering sweet treats around campus as part of a fundraiser for the Steppin’ Up Drill Team.

Twyne said that sometimes the best way to spend the holiday is by herself. She said her plan is to stay in bed, watch Netflix, and eat some ice cream.

“It’s the best way to do it,” said Twyne. “You buy yourself that dollar box of chocolates, and then go home. Pretend it wasn’t you. I bought myself a gift so then when it comes I’ll be like ‘Oh my god who got me something?’ Oh, I did.”

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