New Owls Make Their Home at Southern

Jessica Roginski – Online Editor

Southern’s campus was filled with the bustle of moving bins and excitement from new students, freshmen and transfers, on Aug. 25.

Students arrived to their residence halls as early as 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. There, they were greeted by student leaders and athletes who acted as a welcoming committee and moving crew.

According to Associate Director of Housing Operations, Marvin Wilson, there were roughly 1000 students who moved onto campus, but final numbers are still being tallied.

Janelle E. Lopez, freshman transfer, said that she was excited to move onto Southern’s campus because of how lively it is. She enjoyed seeing people outside in the residence life quad playing volleyball and being active on campus.

Members of the Move in Crew playing volleyball with new students Thursday Aug 25 2016

Members of the move-in crew playing volleyball with new students in the residence life quad on Aug. 25.

“I think Southern is really nice. As I was walking I was like ‘this is an actual campus,’” said Lopez. “My old school was really small. So having a bigger campus setting is great for me because I wanted to see more people walking around like I see here.”

Lopez said that she also looks forward to meeting new people at the welcome events on campus.

Associate Director of Residence Life for Residential Education and Community Development, Mandi Kuster, said that there have been many events and parties planned to engage the new students.

“Tonight is “Surf’s Up at Southern” that is sponsored by RHA, Residence Hall Association,” said Kuster. “There’s going to be a ride-on surf board and shark, tie-dye, music, airbrush pennants, tarot card readers, make your own fish tank and there will be cotton candy and popcorn machines from.”

The event, “Surf’s Up” runs from 7:30 to 10:00 p.m. in the residence life quad. A list of all W.O.W., Week of Welcome, events can be found on Southern’s website.

Photo credit: Palmer Piana – Photography Editor

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