DIY skin and hair self-care

Essence Boyd — News Editor

Students were encouraged to begin the new semester with a fresh start and some fresh ingredients with Curlfriendz in the Adanti Student Center.

On August 27 Curlfriendz held their first event of the semester. The organization, which is going on its second year, was created to promote, encourage and embrace natural hair while addressing the stigmas surrounding it. The Week of Welcome event called DIY Skin and Hair Care, along with Curlfriendz, focused on how to create natural and nutritional body products with accessible items that can be found in the kitchen.

Amongst the ingredients distributed to participants were coconut oil, brown sugar, lemons, bananas and avocados. Students were taught how to use ingredients to create their own self-care products to add into their day-to-day routine.

According to Curlfriendz Vice President Karina Aviles, the goal of the event was to show students inexpensive ways to support their natural way of living.

“There are natural ways to have your own skin care and hair care products,” said Aviles. “We know that it is expensive, especially for college students. Especially when you are trying to start your natural hair journey, a jar of leave-in conditioner can go up to $15.”

Participants were sat five to a table and provided with to-go jars, coconut oil, brown sugar, smashed bananas and essential oils. Biology major, Unique Parks, a freshman, was among the group of attendees who used the opportunity to meet new people while making a fresh avocado face mask.

“[I attended the event] to meet new people and try to create a new bond with other people while creating a face mask, I thought it would be fun,” said Parks.

According to Aviles, although the main goal of putting on the event was to educate students, it was also to get more students acquainted with the club, in hopes of them becoming regular attendees.

“We are a club and an organization that wants to be well known. Being able to promote these certain events can help us bring in members and educate a lot more Southern students on hair care and skin care,” said Aviles.

Psychology major Janee Johnson, a freshman, said Curlfriendz’ plan worked. She plans to continue to attend the clubs programs and even had some ideas of future programs they should put on.

“I would like to have a talk on how to take care of your hair. I like how they are giving us products, like ways to show us what you can use but I would definitely want something that helps us and teaches us how to take care of naturally curly hair,” said Johnson.

Not only is the organization teaching students new ways to care for their hair, but it is also teaching them how to embrace it.

“This club is great, and I love that they have curly hair empowerment because I know for a while it was kind of like not something that was excepted,” Johnson said. “Girls had to hide it. Personally, when I was younger, I would always straighten my hair because I felt my curly hair was not good enough.” .

Although Curlfriendz may be a new organization on campus, students are already wishing there was more organizations similar to it.

“I feel like there are so many different clubs,” said psychology major Kayla Duarte, a freshman, “but I feel like there is never stuff for everybody, but as soon as I saw this I was like there is.”

For students like Kellyann McPhoy, attending the event and being shown these techniques was a learning experience.

“I learned that you can do something that’s beneficial for you, while having fun,” said McPhoy.

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