Classes during community hour limit student involvement

Ellie SherryReporter

Community hour is the alotted time for students to take an hour out of their day to get the opportunity to go to club meetings, eat lunch or take a break. However, some students never get to utilize this hour.

Community hour is designed so students have one hour on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to take a break out of their day and do something that they enjoy. No matter what that might be, students who have long schedules or cannot go to night meetings for clubs take advantage of this hour.

“Community hour is a period of time from 1 to 2 p.m. that allows for students to have free time or a free period,” Psychology major Katia Bagwell a senior said, “Most clubs and organizations have their meetings during this time.”

At Southern there is a large commuter population, and many students build their schedules so they don’t have to drive to Southern everyday. This means that they pack in the majority of their classes on fewer days. So, while they have to drive to campus less frequently, these students’ days are often very long.

Film and television production major Jonathan Myers a junior, said, “Commuters have trouble getting to clubs because they are so late usually, and with community hour they aren’t as late.”

However, not all students have this hour free. Many labs for science based classes still run during this time period. Therefore people who are science majors typically do not have this hour free because they have class. As a psychology major Bagwell had class during this hour.

“Last semester I had a class that ran into community hour. I had a lab, a lot of the classes, or more specifically labs have been put in the middle of these community hours,” said Bagwell. “I think that there are some classes that shouldn’t go through that hour because not all students want to have class from eight in the morning until two in the afternoon.”

Bagwell is not the only person who had a class conflict with community hour and does not get to attend clubs without having to go late or leave early. Sarrah Salvati, a junior pre-nursing major also had this issue.

She said, “ I am in the botany club, but I have a class that starts at two on Wednesdays so, I always have to leave early to make it to class on time, but that’s fine.”

Community hour is something Southern has done, but students do not know what it is, or that the university has allotted time during the day a few times a week to attend events.

“I didn’t know about community hour until now. I imagine that a lot of students eat or sleep or study during this hour because that is what I would be doing if I weren’t at a club or in class,” said Salvati. “I think it’s really cool the school has this hour, and I didn’t realize it before.”

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