Dylan Haviland, Managing Editor, and Jessica Roginski, Online Editor

The Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education announced that the new president of Southern will be Dr. Joe Bertolino on July 7. He will be replacing President Mary A. Papazian who resigned on July, 1 to become the president of San José College in California.

His experience includes his current presidency at Lyndon State College in Vermont and being the associate professor of student personnel at The State University of New York.

In an open forum with students earlier this summer, Bertolino expressed his desire to create a high profile for the university.

“I would ask students, faculty and staff to be visible with me in the community and I would ask us to be front and center with the community,” Bertolino said.

The Board of Regents reported that their decision to pick Bertolino was unanimous in an email announcement sent out to students and faculty.

“I am passionate about providing leadership and supervision that both embraces an institution’s distinctive learning environment and affirms its culture and heritage, while simultaneously transforming it to ensure its long-term success,” said Bertolino in his Curriculum Vitae. “Building strong, cohesive teams and focusing on the holistic development of students, professionals and the campus community is something I deeply value.”

Bertolino’s presidency will begin on August 22, 2016.

Photo Credit: Dylan Haviland


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