New police deputy joins owl community

Jacob Waring — Online Editor

After a two-year vacancy, the position of police deputy has finally been filled by former patrol sergeant Kenneth Rahn.

The swearing in took place on Monday, Sept. 16, including appearances by Rahn’s family, police chief Dooley and top owl, SCSU President Joe Bertolino.

“We are all so excited for him,” said Tanya Rahn. “So proud, he [has] been working towards this for his whole career. And ending up [at Southern], is just amazing.”

Kenneth Rahn said it felt amazing to be deputized at Southern and he is looking forward to working alongside Chief Joseph Dooley.

He said he always operated on treating people with respect and dignity and will continue with that mindset with the students on campus.

I know it is an important component of Southern’s social justice belief,” said Rahn.

According to Rahn, he wants to continue with that belief while expressing excitement to work with the student body.

In his opening remarks, Chief Dooley said Rahn emulates integrity, honor and all the good that is represented in law enforcement.

According to Dooley, Rahn started his career in law enforcement with the Milford Police department in 1994.

He also said Rahn is a recipient of the Samuel Luciano Award for Academic Excellence. Rahn was also a canine handler with his dog Samson, both well-known throughout the city of Milford according to Dooley.

Prior to coming to Southern Rahn was a lieutenant, patrol sergeant for two years and served the detective bureau as a sergeant for three additional years. Rahn served as a shift commander for two years, prior to becoming a patrol captain and finally, a deputy police of the Milford department.

According to Dooley, having someone with Rahn’s experience fill the position is important as his skills are just what is needed to keep campus and students safe.

“To help us to continue to move this department forward and keep this campus safe,” Dooley said.

Milford Police Chief Keith Mello, who was also in attendance of the swearing in.

“In fact, four years ago when it was time to pick a deputy chief there was no doubt in my mind who the next deputy chief should be,” Mello said. “He has been a tremendous ally, a friend, and a fine co-worker in the last three to five years.” Mello said one of Rahn’s biggest assets he will be bringing to the Southern community is his ability to form relationships with people, and that he feels that SCSU students are in good hands.

“I think it speaks volumes, that there are so many individuals, your colleagues from different departments in the community,” Bertolino said. “It speaks well to your history, the work that you’ve done and the work that we know you will do here.”

Tanya Rahn said her husband may come off as intimidating at first but that he genuinely wants what is best for the students at Southern.

“He may come across a little scary. He has your best interest in mind,” she said. “He really truly feels, with having three daughters, that he likes to keep everyone safe and treat everyone like he would his own kids.”

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