Students share mixed reviews for new ‘Batman vs Superman’ film

Alex Palmieri – General Assignment Reporter

Late last month, the film “Batman vs Superman” debuted with a lot of mixed reviews from its viewers. For a movie that features a few big stars such as Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, and Henry Cavill, there was no particular stand that students had for this film.

The movie came out March 25 and was a highly anticipated film. Some people such as Ken Kwochka, senior liberal arts major, saw the film on its debut day, and said the film could have been done a little better.

“For a film that I had such high expectations for, it kind of let me down to tell you the truth,” said Kwochka. “I felt that some parts of the movie shouldn’t have even been in there.”

Kwochka said a lot of acting in the film was not too great. As a kid Batman always had morals and would never kill anyone. But in the “Batman vs Superman” film, Batman carried weapons and would kill people. He said the directors did not follow the correct script for Batman.

“Batman vs Superman,” for those who may not know, is about Superman having a massive battle with Zod which devastated the city of Metropolis. The loss of life left Bruce Wayne livid. Batman goes on board on a personal vendetta to end his control on Earth because he thinks Superman is a threat to Earth and all civilization on it.

Batman vs Superman is like a lot of other superhero movies. There is a lot of action and people being destroyed within the film. Though Batman really does not kill people in his past, he does so in this movie. Superman is a controversial figure in the movie since people believe he is a hazard to Earth. The two battle it out in the film to see who the ruler will be in the end.  

Paul Sim, senior and biology major, said the film was decent, but not great. He stood in the middle since it did not meet all his expectations.

“The film was okay,” said Sim. “It definitely was not what I expected.”

Though it was not great to Sim, he said there were parts of action that made him enjoy the film and he said he would see it again. Sim said he liked the action parts because they were entertaining.

Linda Tripp, sophomore and English major, had a different outlook on the film. She said the movie was very enjoyable and entertaining. She added that it was a solid movie and she would see it again as soon as it came out on DVD.

“I did not think the film was boring at all,” said Tripp. “I thought they did a good job on acting and the characters were very interesting.”

Tripp said seeing the movie was money well spent. She added that the entire cast did a really good job. There was was one thing she did not like about the film: She did not like the ending.

“I don’t want to ruin the ending for anybody,” said Tripp. “So I’ll just say the ending was not my favorite.”

Tripp said the movie was in a pretty good sequence, but wanted the fight scenes a bit more consistent.

“Overall though all of the actors did an exceptional job with this movie,” said Tripp. “It was a movie I wanted to see for a while and it met most of my expectations.”

Though there are a lot of mixed reviews, Batman vs Superman is well put together. It is crafty, entertaining and filled with action. Though people have lots of mixed reviews and say characters do not portray the role that they are supposed to, it is still worth the watch and it is a very enjoyable film.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore


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