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Thanksgiving against Christmas

               Thanksgiving J’Mari Hughes — Copy Editor  Thanksgiving is a bonding time for families to enjoy macaroni and cheese, cranberry sauce, stuffing and, of course, turkey. That one Thursday in November is something people look forward to every year. However, gathering with relatives to see the many floats of the Macy’s parade or watch Rachel

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Open campus has potential dangers to it

Nina Bartlomiejczyk — Copy Editor While Southern is generally a safe campus, according to this year’s Clery Report, there are determinants to having an open campus. Colleges, at least public ones, should have an across-the- board liability to protect students in terms of safety precautions regarding who is on campus at any given moment, but what that might look like

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Columbus Day should not be celebrated anymore

Jessica Guerrucci — Managing Editor For years, the second Monday in October only held one meaning – Columbus Day. Many people never questioned it, because all they knew about Christopher Columbus was that he was the man who “discovered” America, but there was much more to the story. Fortunately, the meaning of the day is slowly shifting. Instead of honoring

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Winter season or summer season, students weigh in

               Winter Season Nina Bartlomiejczyk — Copy Editor Despite the joys of swimming, ports and outdoor adventure, winter and autumn unequivocally outdo spring and summer. Merely the thought of fall and winter brings to mind the most aesthetically pleasing seasonal images. In October, the brutal summer months come to a close and make way for a beautiful New England autumn and winter

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