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Winter season or summer season, students weigh in

               Winter Season

Nina BartlomiejczykCopy Editor

Despite the joys of swimming, ports and outdoor adventure, winter and autumn unequivocally outdo spring and summer.

Merely the thought of fall and winter brings to mind the most aesthetically pleasing seasonal images.

In October, the brutal summer months come to a close and make way for a beautiful New England autumn and winter full of apple pie, pumpkins, sweaters, snowfall and warm, crackling fires.

Red, brown, and orange leaves underfoot seamlessly integrate into a frosty blue and white winter wonderland as the season change..

After a summer full of endless sweating and searching for ways to cool off, the fall and winter months provide much needed solace. No longer must anyone stick their
head in a freezer for respite or dream of a swimming pool.

Bug bites, the smell of chlorine and sand stuck in swimsuits is nigh. Now, wardrobes become less restricted, layering makes its much anticipated return and, for some, shaving legs their gets removed from the list of daily chores.

Fall and winter also bring with them the best holidays, like Halloween and Thanksgiving, as well as religious holidays where families come together at year’s end, like Hanukah, Christmas, Eid Milad un Nabi and Kwanza. Fall and winter are not only a time of beauty, but also one of boundless familial love and fraternity. Nothing can be more wholesome than uniting with friends and family in the spirit of giving, gratitude, and love around a toasty fire, safe from the cold outside.

New England’s winter chill, although at times harsh and unforgiving, brings great joy in its key feature: snow.

On snow-days off from school and work, even the layman can become a great architect of snowmen and snow forts, a gold medalist in neighborhood sled races and a sharpshooter in a snowball fight. Even if the time is spent frustratedly digging a path from the front door to the car, at least
a warm cup of tea or hot cocoa and a favorite movie can thaw a frozen fingertips (and heart) afterwards.

         Summer Season

Jackson VolencReporter

In Connecticut, we are fortunate enough to experience all four seasons in full form. This allowed us to live through significantly
different types of weather,
depending on what time of year it is.

This can lead to some serious disagreements about which is the best season out of the four, and depending on who you ask, you will most likely get a wide array
of different reasons for why people have their favorites. For me, summertime weather is by far the most enjoyable time of the year for several reasons.

During summertime, swimming, visiting the beach and socializing outside are some of the most prominent and exciting seasonal activities.

Since it is light outside for much of the day and some of the evening, the evening of the summer are when it is at its most lively. This is not like the wintertime in Connecticut, as the sunlight starts disappearing as early as 5 p.m., making it dark for a good chunk of the day. This can get depressing and tiring after a while, which is why most people praise the return of daylight savings time.

During the summer, some of my favorite foods are available. You have your classic barbecue, which is always enjoyable, but you also have amazing things like seafood and ice cream, which become
especially popular during the summer. In the wintertime, it is not nearly as common to see people eating these types of foods.

Summer is also host to my favorite sport to watch: baseball. The heart of the professional season takes place during the summer, and there are constant games available to spectate live during the season. While the baseball season bleeds into spring and autumn, you will not find any major league baseball in the wintertime.

Between the snow and holiday season, there are definitely things to enjoy about the winter. However, summer has a lot more to offer as far as weather, activities, food and sports to enjoy during the season’s peaks.

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