Today: May 29, 2024



Winter season or summer season, students weigh in

               Winter Season Nina Bartlomiejczyk — Copy Editor Despite the joys of swimming, ports and outdoor adventure, winter and autumn unequivocally outdo spring and summer. Merely the thought of fall and
Kanye West, left, with a pregnant Kim Kardashian, right.

Celebrity gossip: A Summer of Ratchetness

Carissa Duhamel – Copy Editor Though at Southern students may feel they needn’t look any further than their own city’s limits for scandal, this summer’s Hollywood off-screen dramas have made the 06515

Start thinking about summer courses

Grace Sampson – Special to the Southern News  The spring semester is in full-swing and with the harsh New England weather, students are looking ahead to the summer activities that are to come

Surviving the mid-semester slump

Paige Tillinghast – Special to the Southern News             Goodbye spring break and hello summer! I’m sure that’s what a majority of college students have had going through their minds these past