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Reasons to be excited for 2015 fashion

Coachella selfies in 2014 Photo Credit: Shawn Ahmed

Emili Lanno – Copy Editor

The year 2014 was definitely the year of bringing back trends to the spotlight and showing that history can repeat itself. Some of the many fashion staples that were brought back included: delicate, fine jewelry from rings and chokers, big statement coats for the winter and fall times, matching top and bottom sets, found in many different stores and runways, and making the trend of ankle boots even more popular.

Although it was a great year, let’s look at some of the fashion collections and predicted popular fashion trends that we can look forward to in 2015.

Alexa Chung
Alexa Chung in New York 2014 Photo Credit: EventPhotosNYC

First we have to talk about the new collection by Alexa Chung. If you don’t know who Chung is, she is a major fashion icon that has been seen all over the market from modeling, to print journalism and many television appearances.

Chung is known by many fashion designers as “phenomenal” due to her personal and distinct style, and this collection will prove that statement. Chung worked with the brand AG Jeans to create a collection that is made up of everything denim. The pieces of clothing will include casual t-shirts, overalls and high-waisted jeans, just to name a few. The collection is said to have a price range from $70 to $300.

It was released on Jan. 20, so if you’re into that 60s or 70s denim style, hurry and stock your closet with these pieces.

Another collection to be excited about, especially the festival goers, is the collaboration between Coachella and H&M. The famous outdoor, three-day festival placed in California has teamed up with H&M to create the perfect pieces that are, “festival inspired.”

Some of the pieces in the collection are predicted and designed to include lots of crop top styles, lace styles and many rompers and dresses. Not only for women, but men will also be included, with some graphic t-shirts and shorts.

The collection will be sold all over the world on March 26, but will first be sold in 350 stores and online on March 19. For all of you who enjoy this boho style, the prices are quite affordable with a range of $4.95 to $49.95.

However, one thought might be on your mind; these clothes are not just made for Coachella so don’t worry if you’re not attending this concert. This style of clothing will for sure be popular in this upcoming spring and summer.

Of course we have to get excited about the upcoming trends that are predicted to be a hit these upcoming seasons.

Pair a floral dress with a light jean jacket. Photo Credit: Aileen Olmedo
Pair a floral dress with a light jean jacket. Photo Credit: Aileen Olmedo

First, bright colors and floral prints have been seen making the runway and the one key statement: be bold. Designers are pushing the head to toe dramatic patterns that will sure have you standing out during the spring and summer.

Speaking of dramatic, we can be sure that animal prints and striped patterns will also be included in many people’s wardrobe since that took over the runway from many designers as well.

Seeing as last year we saw many from celebrities to fashion designers bringing back the decades, it can be promised that it will most likely happen again. Some major trends including color blocking, which was very popular in the 70s and also fringe, also from the 70s which are just two trends among many others.

As far as accessories, let’s hope that the jewelry that was introduced as popular in 2014 will make its mark in 2015. I’m talking about the statement necklaces, lots of rings, and mini handbags, that makes any outfit put together.

After reviewing some collections that will make their mark on the fashion world and some many trends shown on the runway for the upcoming seasons, it’s safe to say that there are many fashion related aspects to be excited about for this year.

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