Start thinking about summer courses

Grace Sampson – Special to the Southern News 

The spring semester is in full-swing and with the harsh New England weather, students are looking ahead to the summer activities that are to come like summer jobs, outdoor adventures and trips. But what some students often enjoy is having the summer free from what seems to feel like endless papers, tests and quizzes, which sometimes accumulates to stress. However, there are some other options on how to spend summer break.

Some students may have thought of taking a summer class or two for various reasons.

After a semester of endless school work, why would you think of dedicating a summer to taking more classes? Well here’s why.

Getting ahead and catching up
Summer classes can help you get ahead in pre-requisite classes as well as obtaining your degree months ahead and getting closer to graduation. This helps take a load off the upcoming semesters.

Not only does taking summer class allows you to challenge yourself but it also leads you to the road to graduation.

Shorter quarter and versatile
Summer classes tend to run in shorter amount of time and normally divided into sessions. Accelerated courses range from one week to five weeks.

Summer classes are also offered days, evenings and weekends. And for those who may not have the transportation or can’t make the commute, summer classes can also be taken online.

Maintenance and relaxation 
Summer classes tend to be smaller and relaxing. This allows students to focus better and gives students the opportunities to have one-on-one meetings with professors.

“It is easier to focus on one class,” said Alicia Rahim, “instead of focusing on five classes all at once.”

Taking a summer class or two allows students to continue studying and stay focus. In addition, by taking a summer class, you’re allowed to focus on one particular subject rather than splitting time between other classes.

Program completion 
During traditional semester, students understand the hassle of signing up for classes especially for desired programs. Classes fill up quickly and can be stressful especially when the class required to take for a specific program is filled. This can push a student back at times, causing her to stay an extra semester. Amanda-Marie Mansfield, a senior and majoring in psychology took a class last summer to fulfill her major requirement. When asked how taking a summer class was beneficial to her, she said it helped her a lot.

Mansfield said, “It helped because if I didn’t take the class, I would have stayed an extra semester or I would have to take six classes each semester which would have been stressful.”

In all, taking summer classes should be looked at as an investment. Summer is an excellent time to challenge yourself to pursue a college degree and professional training in careers by taking classes that benefits in your desired job field. Get demanding classes out of the way, stay on track on graduating and improve GPA.

Photo Credit: Anjum Malkana

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