Night classes versus morning classes, the two sides

The case for night classes

Jacob Waring — Online Editor

Night classes are, at least in my eyes, the ideal time to take classes.

A student would have already hit their groove in terms of classwork as they most likely attended other classes earlier in the day.

If a student happens to work a typical 9-5 job, then a night class would be flexible around a work schedule. A student is most likely taking more than one class and a morning class is awkwardly placed when most jobs typically start. At least with a night class, a student can easily work all day and then come to school after.

Morning classes, on the other hand, are just brutal, especially if someone is not a morning person at all. Waking up at early in the morning to consume knowledge when one’s body is still waking up is much harder than trying to stay awake at night. Sure, someone can drink coffee or an energy drink to keep one’s body going, but then they are going to crash back into tiredness in the middle of the day. If someone drinks an energy drink before a night class, however, then by the time they crash they will already be in bed.

Eventually, every student procrastinates to where they need to complete an assignment directly before a class. At least with a night class, they would hypothetically have enough time in the day to complete the assignment.

For a morning class, a student must either get up extremely early or pull an all-nighter, which are not healthy options for the human. Plus, rushing to finish the assignment will certainly impact the grade given.

I think night classes are better simply because they work better around a work schedule and are better for those who are not morning people.

The case for morning classes

J’Mari HughesCopy Editor

If someone asked me which I prefer — to take classes in the morning or at night — I would say the answer is simple: morning classes are superior.

Obviously, the answer would differ among various students, but, to me, it is better to get classes out of the way and have the rest of the day to yourself.

For example, ending class at, 2 p.m. or 3 p.m. allows a person to have the day to go home and read, do homework, sleep or do whatever college students like to do after class. While some may not enjoy waking up first thing in the morning, I think it is worth it when class is over before dinner.

In my years at Southern, I have had only three night classes, and not by choice. When I get out of class at 7:30 p.m. I barely have enough time to get home, do homework and eat dinner.

I can understand why students who do not like to wake up early would not want to have class in the morning. They get to sleep in, they can take their time when getting ready for class and they can sit down and eat an actual breakfast, rather than a rushed granola bar or a cold bagel.

Morning classes work better for me because I like to have my day over with early on and I have time to do whatever I want for the of the day. But, I know that some people do not have the luxury of being able to do that.

On the other hand, night classes may be preferable for those who work in the morning or simply do not want to wake up super early, but all that matters to me is getting the whole rest of the day to myself, which I can have with morning courses.

Overall, morning classes gives me more time in my day to get things done.

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