Student Artist: “I like being able to capture the mood and the moments of human beings”

Clark Herring – Special to the Southern News

Art is a form of expression that many people find to be more expressive than words. The detailed imagery of our universe, and the human mind form to make a powerful creative outlet.

For some people, this is a passion, it’s a force that drives them. For, Domi Migliarese, an art major, a strong passion for art is something she’s had her entire life.

“It started off when I was three,” she said. “I had a sketchbook and I kept just making drawings.”

As she began school, Domi noticed that her favorite classes were her art classes. She found them the most interesting, and they developed her craft, which lead to the realization around the age of nine, that art was more than just a hobby-it was an outlet.


Pencil drawing and canvas portrait by Migliarese, senior. Photo Credit, Clark Herring

“It becomes like an escape for me. It gets me away from all my stress, and I can just be myself.”

Migliarese’s main focus of her art is on the human body, which is apparent in much of her work. In the drawings she showed me before the interview, they entailed a pencil shading of a naked woman on a bed, and a freeze frame panel of different people’s faces segmented across a canvas.

The art captured some of the tender emotions human beings express within specific moments, as Migliarese aims to do.

“I like being able to capture the mood and the moments of human beings because it’s like telling a story. There’s a whole psychology behind it and it’s so interesting.”

Domi is also a psychology minor. She has goals of becoming an art therapist later in life. She feels as if it’s a way of giving back what she’s got out of art. iMigliarese has had a long-standing interest and interpretation of the craft her whole life, but wants to help other people and see how they think through the creations of various artwork.

“Human beings are just so interesting, I think. It’s like, everyone has a different story to tell and I want to be able to help tell it.”

Photo Credit: Clark Herring – Special to the Southern News


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