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Schairer Showcases his Multi-talented Art

Sherly Montes – Arts & Entertainment Editor Students can find the paintings, drawings and sculptures of sophomore sculpture major, Joe Schairer on the left-hand side entrance to Earl Hall. Schairer’s work has been in the showcase display glass for just over a week, but he said he is still getting used to the idea that his work is on display

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Student Artist inspiration stems from grandmother’s artistic history

Melissa Nunez – General Assignment Reporter Early on, Lindsay Wargo, senior studio art painting major, said she would watch in awe as her grandmother would draw roses. That admiration spurred her own journey into the arts, as well as her desire to emulate nature. “The first time I remember ever seeing and realizing how amazing art was when I was really young,

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Student Artist, Frank Sollitto shows off his own style

Dylan Haviland – Arts & Entertainment Editor Frank Sollitto, senior and studio arts major, was at the start of preparing for his senior exhibition show.  Two of his photographs were of his fraternity brothers, who were calm and poised in the shots. One photograph was his friend collectively sitting on a worn maroon leather chair, looking in the distance with circular sunglasses

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Student Artist: “Church Boy” and multi-talented artist, Eric Clinton

Clark Herring – Special to the Southern News Eric Clinton, business major with a minor in theatre, also known as “Church Boy,” is Southern’s very own multi-talented artist. Clinton is a tackler of many different medias, his most common being acting, gospel music and rapping. Even though he’s only a sophomore, Clinton has appeared in many Crescent Players theatrical productions such as;

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Student Artist, Iris Cruz: flute playing and cosplay design

Max Bickley – General Assignment Reporter With every individual, there is a certain level of talent or skill in a particular field of interest to that person. However, it is the exploration and use of that talent which enriches life and sometimes brings attention to a given skill. One student, who not only indulges in a musical art, but also a crafting

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Student Artist: ‘You just need to practice all you can to get better’

Dylan Haviland – Arts & Entertainment Editor Megan Miskowicz, a senior graphic design major, faced the impressively sized drawing paper, arriving to class early and adding in small detail to her sketch with shadow and texture. Her near finished product was a warm image of cereal overflowing near a shiny mug of coffee, traced on the milk is the outline of a

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