Student Artist: “Church Boy” and multi-talented artist, Eric Clinton

Clark Herring – Special to the Southern News

Eric Clinton, business major with a minor in theatre, also known as “Church Boy,” is Southern’s very own multi-talented artist. Clinton is a tackler of many different medias, his most common being acting, gospel music and rapping. Even though he’s only a sophomore, Clinton has appeared in many Crescent Players theatrical productions such as; “An Absolute Turkey,” “Rent,” “Godspell” and more.

“I’ve known Eric as a freshman and I’ve seen him develop a lot over the last two years,” said Olivia Cintron, senior journalism major and former president of the Crescent Players, over email. “His choices are stronger and he’s definitely transitioned well into the professional schedule and standards the theater department holds.”

His entrance into the world of acting happened when he was about nine years old. He thanks his mom for persuading him to audition for plays when was very little. He acted in plays both in school and outside of it. From there he progressed and expanded his artistic arsenal by undertaking rapping in third grade, and gospel music by around fifth or sixth grade.

By the age of 12, Eric was rapping, acting and doing gospel music. He started rapping under the name “Church Boy,” in significance to his devotion to Christianity, which he says plays an important role in the creation of his music.

In high school, Clinton would post his homemade raps on websites like Soundcloud and Youtube, so that all his friends and teachers could listen to him. This, alongside being a musical theatre major at his arts high school helped him develop both his acting and music crafts, allowing him to balance out the two.

“He’s become a strong asset to the Crescent Players,” Cintron said.

Most of his friends just refer to him as Church, as it has caught on over time, and he seems to like it just fine.

“Honestly, as an artist it’s try and fail. You keep trying new things and once you get something you try to recapture that moment again and how you felt,” said Clinton. “As an actor you just have to find it in doing it so that you can find the character. Gospel music is of course very inspired by God, rapping could just come from a subject in mind and I’ll spit bars, or just write until I’m mentally drained.”

He feels as though he definitely wants to be an artist, but chose the business major just so he can have something as backup. Also, it provides good principles for him to follow.

“You can be a talented artist and all that, but if you don’t know how to present yourself and communicate then you won’t do so well in life,” said Clinton.

Photo Credit: Isabel Chenoweth/SCSU


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