Shakespeare spoof auditions

Sofia Rositani — Reporter

The Crescent Players, a club dedicated to theater on campus, have become busy bees over the last couple weeks, first with their musical Pippin, having opened on Oct. 11.

They also will continue to have shows through the rest of the month including an upcoming play, The Complete Works of Shakespeare Unabridged.

“This play is great, it’s a spoof of Shakespeare but not like a spoof spoof but like Spamalot spoof,” said theater major Travis Johnson, a senior. “It’s
ridiculous, it’s campy, it’s funny, I heard they want men to play women which I think is really cool and I think it’s fantastic.”

Johnson has been in six of the musicals and plays and has worked on every play and musical since beginning his journey at Southern.

“Just go with confidence. Even if you are not confident, just go in with an air of confidence even if you mess up odds are, especially for this show for example, if you mess up and it’s funny she may love it who knows just don’t be afraid to mess up,” said Johnson.

This play will cast six actors, even though it is usually meant for three. The fast pace of this play may cause some problems for those who audition, but because of its comedic nature, the slip ups may cause a round of laughter rather than embarrassment for the actor or actress.

“Be yourself and know the stuff you are learning because you can’t really mess up if you know your stuff,” said biology and philosophy major Leah Herde, a junior, “but honestly theatre is not meant to be super serious it is meant to be genuine more than anything else.”

Special education major Veronica Bennet, a junior, said the Crescent Players
hold at least four plays a year – two per semester – and one musical.

“We do partner with Elm Shakespeare which is a theatre company based in New Haven and they do outdoor plays and they do everything Shakespeare and we partner with them and they do everything here in the Black Box in Lyman,” she said.

Bennet and fellow theatre major Kory Ligon, a senior are working as assistant stage manager and stage manager. The Complete Works of Shakespeare will be performed next month in the Lyman Center, in a fast paced, comedic way with only six cast members

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