Student Artist: theater major and actor, Nathan Tracy

Jessica Pellegrino – General Assignment Reporter

Nathan Tracy, theatre major, did not always know he wanted to be an actor.

“I started acting when I was in middle school,” said Tracy. “I was kind of forced into doing it. I was a bit of a troublemaker when I was younger, so my mom pretty much told me I had to try it.”

Tracy remembers skipping weeks of rehearsal during his first play. He was not always so committed to his craft as an actor.

“The theatre director had to call my mom to tell her I was not showing up to the rehearsals. But, when the show was over, that is when it changed.” said Tracy.

After his first production, Tracy realized his acting potential.

“I remember playing a lot of sports when I was younger and was okay, you know kind of mediocre,” said Tracy. “Then I joined theater, and it was different. I realized I was actually really good.”

Tracy credits his favorite theatre moment to last summer, when he played a role professionally.

“Last summer, I played a role in Elm Shakespeare’s production of ‘Twelfth Night’. It was a big moment for me, because it was my first ‘real world’ production,” He said.

Tracy believes that the only way to truly know what it means to be an actor is to engulf oneself in the business.

“I got to see first hand how the business side of theatre works. The people at Elm Shakespeare are so professional, and it’s just such a different feeling than working for a production on campus,” said Tracy.

Tracy said that the business side of theatre is one thing that cannot be taught in a classroom, rather, you have to gain the knowledge through experience.

“I am in an audition class right now, which has taught me a lot,” he said. “But, there is so much you can’t know until you get out there.”

Tracy was not always active in Southern’s theatre department.

“I did not audition for the Fall production when I first got here. It was The Rocky Horror Show. I was too nervous to audition because I did not think I could handle the crazy rehearsal schedule on top of my class work and everything else,”  said Tracy. “So a moment I am proud of is when I finally got up the courage to come and start audition for the departments.”

Tracy suggests to incoming freshmen to be persistent. Also, if students are nervous, he recommends starting with the student directed One Acts. ”He remembers starting his career at Southern by auditioning for the One Acts, because he felt he could better handle the rehearsal schedule for a shorter show.

“Obviously, I would recommend that you hone your craft. But, talent is not even half the battle sometimes. Get yourself out there, and know your type. It gets expensive, between headshots, and everything you need for the business,” said Tracy.

He also believes that acting sometimes requires sacrifice.

“It is not always easy, honestly. Sometimes you might have to live in squalor. Not actual squalor, but it is near impossible to keep up with school, rehearsals and a part time job on top of that,” said Tracy. Tracy believes that all of the hard work and not having free time is worth it because he gets to perfect his craft.

Currently, Tracy is looking forward to graduation and is trying to get his name out there by doing plenty of auditions. In the past few weeks, Tracy has decided to audition for Elm Shakespeare Company’s summer productions. Tracy also plans to audition for a role at Ivoryton Playhouse in Essex, Conn. Currently, Tracy is performing a role in SCSU’s production of “An Absolute Turkey.”

Photo Credit: Isabel Chenoweth


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