Humans of SCSU: “Don’t try to find yourself because something else will”

Clark Herring – Special to the Southern News

When walking throughout the campus of Southern Connecticut State University, it’s hard to see an individual who stands out from the crowd. However, look closely, and you’ll stumble upon a character of interesting fashion, and style.

You’ll often seen him wearing a hat, along with patterned, psychedelic clothing. He doesn’t like walking, prefers his skateboard as his main method of transportation, but also uses it for sport.

His clothes remind you of an overlapping Van Gough collage, in the sense that they don’t exactly match, but go along just perfectly.

This individual, is Mac Hughes.

Mac is an interdisciplinary freshman who lives in Neff Hall. His current majors are communications and studio art. He is an avid painter, skateboarder, and sings in his three-piece punk rock band, Uncomfortable, with his two friends, Sean (drums), and Owen (lead).

Hughes was featured on the artist spotlight earlier in the semester, showing off a piece of his artwork that was extra trippy, and deep in it’s message.

Hughes stylizes his work as being “aesthetically psychedelic,” as they are often filled with bright, intricate design that would remind you of a Grateful Dead piece.

His work is greatly inspired by his love for music, which ranges from heavy hitting alternative rock, to underground hip-hop, and smooth jazz.

I asked Mac about how he came to be himself. In other words, I asked him how someone could find themselves and their hobbies as he did, and obtain such a self-realization that leads to an equilibrium of happiness. His response?

It was rather, ambiguous and eerie, but nonetheless, came as no surprise, “Don’t try to find yourself, because something else will.” He says this and laughs. Puts in his headphones, and skates off to class.

Photo Credit: Clark Herring – Special to the Southern News


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