Humans of SCSU: Jonathan Meyers

Haljit BasuljevicReporter

To find Jonathan Meyers is to be enthralled in a series of whiplashes. Being a part of multiple clubs, including SCSU TV, Best Buddies, LGBTQIA PRISM and the LARP club, Meyers says that although it tends to get tiring, it has become ultimately rewarding to do what he loves.

One of the ways he has implemented his passion here at Southern has been working as a technical assistant at SCSU TV. This enables him to film and edit videos
of his liking while also giving him the skills he’s been able to hone to create his own content on his own YouTube channel.

However, filming does come with its drawbacks.

“The hardest part of my job is that I don’t like hearing my voice on camera and sometimes it’s hard for me to conduct interviews,” said Meyers.

As a person living with autism, he said that the community on campus cultivates a welcoming and accepting environment, that with these venturous routes at Southern he has been able to create connections with the people he has met.

He attributes much of his adept education to the communications department, which has given him the valuable resources necessary for understand video editing a lot better.

He said that despite becoming nervous around strangers he powers through the anxiety for the sake of getting a good story.

As almost any artist can relate, the most rewarding aspect of his work is slowly plucking the inspiration out of his head and watch it unravel out unto the world.

An example of his work that can be found on SCSUTV YouTube channel features a student dressed up as a vampire–fictionally named Belladonna Nightshade–roaming around in broad daylight in an attempt to disturb and frighten Southern students.

“It was my most ambitious idea and it turned out fantastic. It was really fun and funny to watch,” said Meyers.

Which may explain why his favorite genre he anticipates writing in is science fiction. He said that with science fiction the creative possibilities are endless and appreciates many of the scientific aspects that underlie them.

With that, he is also a Jurassic Park fanatic. He stated that he loved Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the newest edition in the Jurassic Park franchise and that made him fascinated as he was when he was a kid.

“I especially loved the darker tone of this movie. I loved the dinosaurs both old and new, “said Meyers, “The opening scene was my favorite opener of any Jurassic Park movie.”

He said that pays homage to the classic series in his videos and features a catalog that he’s continually working on. Some of his videos feature slow, dramatic shots to the fun-loving and rapidly cut edits.

With such experience and skill, he hopes to eventually edit videos professionally in the future along with his beloved science fiction.

Photo Credit: Haljit Basuljevic

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