New Starbucks in Buley will not be accepting meal exchanges

Max Bickley – General Assignment Reporter

On campus, the main place to grab a quick coffee is from Dunkin Donuts in the student center. Many students are familiar with the long lines and waiting for their coffee, but since the beginning of the year, students have also been waiting anxiously for the new Starbucks to be put in Buley Library. However, before students build up there hope there are unique procedures revolving around the Starbucks.

However, before students get their hopes up, there are unique procedures revolving around the Starbucks. The New Starbucks will not be included in Southern’s meal plan, according to Brad Crerar, Director of Student Center.

“Students will be able to use their food loot, debit or credit card, or cash,” said Crerar. “The anywhere option will not be available at Starbucks.”

What this means for students at Southern is that there will be no form of meal exchange, such as with the eateries in the student center, at Starbucks. Instead, students will need to use their food loot or their own money. The reasoning behind this decision is actually a matter of financial costs in relation to the meal plan at Southern.

“The simple answer is the usage of the meal plan, specifically anywhere meals were designed to be a meal. That meal is based on a cost that fits with the anywhere formula,” said Crerar. “Just the coffee at Starbucks meets or exceeds formula.”

Crerar compared the Starbucks operation to how the Bagel Wagon is run.

“Think of this in a similar way where you can’t get a wrap or a chef’s salad at the Bagel Wagon,” said Crerar. “This is because the cost to supply them exceeds the allotment for anywhere meals.”

In lay-speak, the reason why meal swipes won’t be allowed at the Starbucks is because the cost of items at Starbucks exceeds how much the value of an anywhere meal is. That being said, this does not seem to have much a negative view for students at Southern.

Sophomore Jessica Holman said the Starbucks and its lack of being on the meal plan, was not so bad.

“I think that it’ll be amazing and help shorten the Dunkin’ line,” Holman said. “I’m nervous that the employees won’t be fully trained and that it will be a repeat of the Freshen’s experience.”

In discussing the quality of not only service, but the food and drinks, Holman said the lack of meal exchange and the payment of real money will improve quality of goods.

“I mean hopefully, if we’re paying ‘real’ money for it, the drinks and food will be higher quality,” said Holman. “I think it has the potential to be an awesome addition to our campus.”

A second student, commuter and junior Callan Pollitt, had similar feelings but noted another benefit of the Starbucks.

“I’m pumped. I’m really excited for quality coffee and a better selection of healthy, yet filling snacks,” said Pollitt, “Dunkin’ provides quick food, but they aren’t as health-conscious.”

Not only this, but whether or not the Starbucks is attached to the meal plan doesn’t make a difference to her.

“I commute, and I don’t have a meal plan so it won’t make a difference to me or any other commuter without a meal plan,” said Pollitt. “Besides, I am always in the library. Especially in winter, I’ll be more inclined to grab something from Starbucks if I want coffee or a snack.”

Photo Credit: Monica Zielinski – Managing Editor 

HEADER PHOTO: Thanh Phan, a public health sophomore drinking a beverage from Starbucks at the Bagel Wagon.

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