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Eating on campus burns a hole in students’ pockets

Josh LaBella – General Assignment Reporter Buying food on campus adds up, said biology and physics major Rich Szeligowski. “I am only buying a couple salads a week,” said Szeligowski, “and it turns into about 30 bucks.” Some students, like sophomore exercise science major Marisa Tomaso, said they spend at least $60 during the week. “Honestly it’s because of food,”

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New Starbucks in Buley will not be accepting meal exchanges

Max Bickley – General Assignment Reporter On campus, the main place to grab a quick coffee is from Dunkin Donuts in the student center. Many students are familiar with the long lines and waiting for their coffee, but since the beginning of the year, students have also been waiting anxiously for the new Starbucks to be put in Buley Library. However, before students

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