Eating on campus burns a hole in students’ pockets

Josh LaBellaGeneral Assignment Reporter

Buying food on campus adds up, said biology and physics major Rich Szeligowski.

“I am only buying a couple salads a week,” said Szeligowski, “and it turns into about 30 bucks.”

Some students, like sophomore exercise science major Marisa Tomaso, said they spend at least $60 during the week.

“Honestly it’s because of food,” said Tomaso. “I go to the food court for a salad or Starbucks and Dunkin for coffee.”

Karlie Borges, a senior journalism major, said as a commuter she spends her money buying snacks and drinks in between classes.

“I spend money at the Bagel Wagon or the vending machines,” said Borges.

Tia Bonessi, a junior psychology major, said she spends $10 a week just to keep herself fed.

“All food,” said Bonessi. “That’s my only expense.”

According to Devonte Morris, a junior business management major, said he does not spend money on campus for anything except food and drinks but they are overpriced.

“The Bagel Wagon has drinks that are $3 or $4 each,” said Morris. “That’s ridiculous. I end up spending like $30 strictly on food.”

Kevin Bermudez, a sophomore Spanish major, said as a commuter he only spends money buying lunch during the week.

“During the week I spend about 40 bucks on food,” said Bermudez. “It is almost entirely at Dunkin Donuts or the Student Center food court.”

Abby Wells, a freshman music major, said the only thing she finds herself spending money on campus for is food.

“I spend maybe $10 a week here,” said Wells. “I really just buy snacks or coffee at the student center or the Bagel Wagon. Occasionally I go to the Starbucks in Buley library but the prices there are way too high.”

As a commuter, Austin Rose, a sophomore special education major, said he spends $35 or $40 a week on food between his classes.

“I spend it here, in the student center,” said Rose, “and also I sometimes go to Conn Hall if I can find the time.”

Amanda Smith, a senior marketing and communications major, said she spends more than $50 a week on campus, but only on food.

“Buying chips, drinks and snacks really adds up after a while,” said Smith. “But I have to eat, you know? The only places on campus worth spending money is Adanti or the Bagel Wagon.”

Amber Williams, a freshman biology major, said she only spends $5 during the week on campus.

“It’s all at the vending machines,” said Williams. “I just buy drinks and snacks.”

Joe DeFilippo, a senior Spanish education major, said he now spends about $10 each week on campus because he started bringing lunch to school.

“I cut back a lot,” said DeFilippo. “It used to be around 40 every week when I was buying lunch at the student center. It just wasn’t worth it. Now I spend it a lot less and it is only on coffee or snacks from the Bagel Wagon and Dunkin Donuts.”

Photo Credit: Dylan Haviland – Managing Editor

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