Ribbon cutting ceremony marks official opening of Science Building

Anisa Jibrell – News Writer

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Friday, Oct. 16 to mark the official opening of the university’s state-of-the-art Academic Science and Laboratory Building.

The four-story, 103,608-square-foot building includes teaching and research labs for physics, earth science, chemistry, biology, environmental studies and coastal and marine studies.

Built to the latest standards in sustainability, this signature building will truly enhance our ability to foster the next generation of Connecticut scientists,” said president Mary A. Papazian.

The new science building also features a high-performance computing lab for research in theoretical science, bioinformatics, and computer science, two aquaria, and six rooftop telescope stations. The center for nanotechnology and the Werth Center for coastal and marine studies are also located in this building.

The building is just one piece of the state university system’s ambitious “Transform CSCU 2020” project. Last spring the university celebrated the completed renovation of the original wing of Hilton C. Buley library.

“This is truly an exciting and energizing time for our campus because we are gaining step by step,” said Papazian, “building by building, renovation by renovation, the physical resources to prepare our students for success in a knowledge-based workforce.”

Papazian said the university would soon be embarking on its next phase of campus redevelopment by beginning design on a new place for the school of Health and Human Services. She mentions that due to how “highly integrated” the nature of the healthcare field is today, that it is “vital” that the university’s health and human services share a common facility.

“There are many other plans and we will bring those to you and hopefully gather you many more times in the years to come,” said Papazian.

Thomas Fleming, chair of the department of earth sciences, who played a key role in the building’s nine-year development phase, said it’s been a long time coming and he is “pleased with the results.”

“What’s special about the research at southern is that it inspires students, and really that’s what’s important about this building,” said Fleming.

Ted Gresik, senior director of PerkinElmer, a company that produces instruments for scientific research, expressed his appreciation in being given the opportunity to work with Southern and accelerating its science through access to its innovative technologies.

“We recognize the opportunity for Southern Connecticut State University and Perkinelmer to work together on research, and technology initiatives toward developing programs where students can acquire a diverse set of scientific and technical skills which will facilitate a transition to career opportunities within the science industry,” said Gresik.

“This building is an entity that facilitates team based collaborative and interdisciplinary education and research this is how cutting edge scientific discoveries are made today and for our future,” said Christine Broadbridge, director of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) Initiatives.

Dean of arts and sciences, Steven Breese, said the new science building is, “a centerpiece, a signature, form and function” that will inspire students everyday.

“Southern has never seen a building like this before. To me, it represents a rapid acceleration of our progress, a functional symbol of who we are, and who we are becoming,” said Breese. “It’s a benefit to each of us, regardless of our discipline, for it sets the very highest of standards and will serve as inspiration for us, and for all of our students for years, and years to come.” 

Photo Credit: Anisa Jibrell – News Writer


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