Nashville based band “COIN” tours Connecticut

Dylan HavilandGeneral Assignment Reporter

With a mix of synth and guitar, the Nashville based rock band, “COIN” describes themselves as a “product of the ’90s.”‘  The band’s youthful nature is captured by their energetic riffs and vocals, bringing back the sound found several decades ago.

“We are really influenced by the music from the late ’80s and early ’90s like ‘Talking Heads;’ we have worked with our producer Jay Joyce and he just exposed us to a lot of music we haven’t heard before,” said Chase Lawrence in a phone interview, vocals and synth. “So stylistically it’s our take on new wave music from the earlier ’90s.”‘

The band first started in Belmont University where Lawrence met Joe Memmel, guitar and vocals, in a music theory class.  They later came into contact with bassist Zachary Dyke and Ryan Winnen, drums.

“With personality, we could not be four more different people,” said Lawrence, “We are like polar opposites but it really balances things and it’s pretty nuclear between us which is really awesome.”

Lawrence joked that the band works together like a messed up jigsaw puzzle.

The band’s personality differences work together to create music that commentates on the young musicians and people’s life in general as they head into the world.

Currently, the band is in the works of releasing their debut self-titled album, “COIN.” The album release is a major landmark into the band’s leap into alternative music.

Lawrence said the process of the album is an introduction for themselves, a time in their lives where they are leaving college and battling the life that comes after.  He described the band as a blank canvas.

“Eventually we’ll throw some paint on it but until then we are just keeping it clean and that’s kind of what the whole theme is, basically starting over,” said Lawrence.  “Even though we have been in the band for such a short amount of time it felt like we needed a blank slate, because essentially this is our introduction to the world.”

In addition to the new album, “COIN” has been touring across the U.S. and Canada.

“Honestly it’s surreal, it’s like something you dreamed about since you were young,” said Lawrence.  “Playing and touring with the people and the crowds singing along to lyrics that you wrote, so it’s been a really fun experience.”

Along their tour, “COIN” has begun to headline with artist like Michael Angelakos from the band “Passion Pit,” who they performed with in Toronto, Canada.

“It’s just so humbling, with these songs like “Sleepyhead” and “Little Secrets” [played] live and those other songs that we listened to in high school that influenced us as a band so heavily,” said Lawrence.

“COIN” has also begun to build a strong social network with their fans and audience.  One of their videos featuring the band touring across the country.

“We really didn’t have that presence up until a couple of months ago, I don’t know what really clicked,” said Lawrence.  “I think it is super important for us to uphold that fan base so it will grow with us musically as they grow in age as well.”

Photo Credit: David O’Donohue of Star Splitter Media


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