Office of Student Life welcomes new assistant director of operations

Aaron Berkowitz – General Assignment Reporter 

The Office of Student Life welcomed a new member to the team when Daphney Joseph entered the semester as the new Assistant Director of Operations/Clubs & Organizations.

Joseph said she began her semester feeling like everything was beginning to fall in place.

“I feel like it’s fate,” said Joseph. “I’ve always admired the purpose and the mission of a school like Southern and for being known as a school of access. It feels good to have made it back to the public school system and have the opportunity to make a positive contribution at a level of higher education. It’s been everything I’ve dreamt about.”

She said in her time at SCSU so far she has been reviewing the policies that are in place which describe how to properly maintain and create clubs/organizations on campus.

“No one has ever had this job before at Southern, but my sole responsibility here is to help with the process and policies that are in place to push student organizations to thrive, grow, and be successful,” said Joseph. “We are really trying to create something that supports our students and makes it more likely for them to succeed in the long run.”

Denise Bentley-Drobish, director of Student Life said Joseph is a perfect fit for the department and she came highly recommended.

“We couldn’t be happier with our decision to have Daphney fill the position,” said Bentley-Drobish. “She fits right into the plans we have for our department and will be a great resource for students to use when they are thinking about creating a club or organization.”

Bentley-Drobish said she hopes Joseph’s presence in the department will give students that extra incentive to get more involved around campus.

“Students that are more involved and get leadership experiences can use those experiences when they go out into the community. We are cultivating good citizens,” said Bentley-Drobish. “Somebody that’s involved on campus is more likely to get involved in their communities and also they’re usually more successful in the classroom.”

Joseph said she is excited for what the future at SCSU holds for her and she will continue to work hard in order to assure that students have another useful resource in the department.

“I’ve seen time and time again students getting jobs because they got experience from a club they decided to join start themselves,” said Joseph. “The experience you gain in a classroom is valuable, but I found the experience you gain from working hands on in whatever field interests you to be more valuable.”

Bentley-Drobish also said Sal Rizza, the previous Associate Director of Student Life, is transitioning into the position of Director of the Office of Freshman and Sophomore Success Programs, which is an office that is still being developed at SCSU. Eric Lacharity will act as the Interim Associate Director of Student Life.

“What this new office being developed means is that orientation is not run through our office anymore,” said Bentley-Drobish. “We will still provide support for orientation, but we won’t be the minds behind planning it. This will free us up to put more time and energy into the students and some of the other things that we focus on here such as leadership, clubs and organizations, or community service.”

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