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Boots are a must-have for fall

Emili LannoCopy Editor 

Of course we love to rock those gladiator sandals or just our basic flip flops in the spring and summer, but since the seasons are transitioning, so should our footwear. Yes we can wear our sneakers, converse, Toms, Vans, or ballet flats, but boots are the way to go for the fall season.

The great thing about boots is that there are so many different kinds for every girls’ style to choose from. From the sporty, to girly, to even the more edgy look, there is always a boot style out on the market for you.

For a more “grungy, edgy” look we’ll say, there is the classic combat boot. Combat boots can be paired with anything. If you want to rock them with some jeans and a t-shirt it works or even making something girly, like a skater skirt or a sundress; making it edgy with some combat boots would make the perfect outfit.

Of course we can’t forget the famous riding boots that every girl loves to pair with an outfit. Riding boots are great for those cool fall days when all you want to do is put on a sweater and leggings. This may not be the fanciest outfit, but adding some riding boots will make it look like you tried, but you really didn’t.

The most famous boot trend and my personal favorite obsession is Ankle Boots! Yes, the famous Ankle Boots that every girl should rock this fall and winter. What’s amazing about them is that they can be paired with every outfit. You can wear boots with pretty much every outfit, but Ankle Boots make anything flattering and it definitely helps that these boots come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and

Let’s say you’re going to a fancy event and need the perfect shoe but don’t want to wear a full-on heel. There are Ankle Boots out there with a heel on them, but will give you more support, making the night much more comfortable for your feet. What about on those school days when you want to rock some jeans and a neutral colored top. Slip on some flat, colorful Ankle Boots for that pop of color.

Ok, we have all the different kinds of boots and the outfits that you can pair them with, now we should look at where are the best places to find them.

Without a doubt there are famous brands that design a wide variety of fashionable boots such as, Gucci ranging from $1,000-$3,000 and Alexander Wang from $500-$800, but me personally I like to just admire these for afar and obviously not everyone can afford that kind of footwear.

Luckily, there are way more accessible and affordable stores that carry just as cute boots, as if you were getting them straight from the runway, without breaking the bank.

H&M carries a wide variety of boots, like combat boots and riding boots with prices ranging from $34.95-$199. We also have Forever 21 to rely on which has a price range for boots starting at $27.80 and going up to $69.80. Now that is much better and less stress on the wallet.

Whether you are looking for some fancy footwear or just some shoes for comfort, boots are the way to go for the fall season. We will sure see tons of boots on the runway this year and celebrities like Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and many others rocking them as well. Grabbing yourself a nice pair of boots will add to the perfect style for this upcoming season.

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