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F.A.C.E. casting call brings fashion and creativity

Sofia RositaniReporter

Self confidence, a postive body image, modeling skills and fashion statements are only a few of the benefits gained at F.A.C.E. Models organization.

Psychology major, Briauna Kline, a senior, and the president of F.A.C.E., said it stands for ‘Fashionable Artistic Creative Elegance.’

“I want people to know that even though we do fashion shows that’s not the only thing we do on campus.” said Kline.

Tryouts were last Wednesday, Sept. 11, for any and all interested students in the Adanti Center Ballroom. Students were asked to wear no shorter than four inch heels for their auditions.

According to their club page on OwlConnect, F.A.C.E. promotes entrepreneurship of local designers and artists, as well as self-confidence and diversity amongst Southern students. They said no matter your size, body type, race or gender, they want students of Southern to feel confident and showcase their talents.

Kline said she hopes to have more study sessions during the semester and be more recognized on campus as a separate club. She said she wants to make the organization more well-known throughout the campus and spread awareness of the events they hold on campus.

“I want to come out more with being recognized in the [multicultural center] as well because this used to be under BSU [Black Student Union]. We weren’t our own organization.”

Kline said the best part of being president of the club is getting to be creative with the fashion shoots and fashion shows along with seeing the end process of their work. Kline credits her leadership role for bringing out her “the creative side.” She said a lot of random ideas pop into her head and she gets a “vision of the bigger picture.”

She also said the group is also involved in the community and they get clothing for fashion shows and shoots from local designers the members know.

“A majority of [local designers] do it for free so it’s kind of like you scratch my back, we scratch your back.” said Kline.

Currently, F.A.C.E has more than 40 members. The group continued to expand this year, they have more than thirty students trying out to become a model.

Students joined the club for different reasons, but many of those trying out said they want to achieve self confidence and a higher self-esteem once if they have the opportunity to become a member.

Psychology major Kessiah-Ali Powell Keyton, a junior, said she wants to “have a better self-esteem and kinda build a network because modeling has such a vast media network.”

“You can find connections and there are a lot of designers who work with F.A.C.E so I think that’s pretty cool,” Powell-Keyton said.

Communication major Alexander Rice, freshman, said he decided to try out because it was a new opportunity for him.

“It seemed fun and I wanted to put myself out there,” said Rice.

Sociology major Krysta Alverio, a freshman, said she wants to become more confident in her body and said she would definitely do modeling in her four years at Southern and possibly continue outside of college.

Alverio said she has done modelling before and would like to continue after her years at Southern.

According to the club page on Owl Connect, F.A.C.E.’s mission statement is “It shall be the purpose of this organization to further members’ knowledge about fashion, selfesteem, and togetherness. The goal is to show students that they are beautiful and they don’t need to look like unrealistic fashion models in order to feel confident.”

The goal for F.A.C.E models is to create beautiful photos and fashion shows with beautiful people on it no matter size or shape, color of skin, sexuality, or disability. F.A.C.E will have their first runway show for the fall 2019 semester on Nov. 16.

Photo credit: Sofia Rositani

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