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Music Review: Keyshia Cole – “Woman to Woman” Deluxe Edition

Tamika Alexander – Arts and Entertainment Editor

Keyshia Cole

“Woman to Woman” Deluxe Edition


This album appears to be a reflection of self. Keyshia Cole continues to make music that depicts her life especially her love life but as a new mother and a new wife she seems to be taking a more mature approach to her music. A lot of the songs on this album portray her as having the upper hand in her relationship experiences and emphasizes self-worth. I do think Keyshia Cole should try something different with her music because a lot of her songs are repetitive with the same concepts and messages. For women, this album is relatable which makes it good music . The fact that Keyshia Cole can make her listeners feel her music is because it’s based off real life experiences which makes her a good artist. I just wish she would think outside the box and come up with something different in regards to her music.

1. “Enough of No Love” feat. Lil’ Wayne- This was a great comeback for Keyshia Cole. This was the first single off the album and it was a good choice. It put her back into the R&B light as a great artist and someone to watch out for.

2. “Zero” feat. Meek Mill- A collaboration with rap artist Meek Mill was another good call for Keyshia Cole. Meek Mill is one of the most talked about rappers which makes him relevant and having him on a track in a way made Keyshia Cole relevant again.

3. “Missing Me”– I had to listen to this song a few times before I could even attempt to write about it. It’s a typical Keyshia Cole song. This isn’t one I would put on repeat.

4. “Trust and Believe”– This was the song that made me want to listen to the album. Keyshia Cole has no problem relating to her targeted audience: females. This song like many of the other songs on the album, shows how she has grown and matured and appears to be a bit more confident.

5. “Get It Right”– This song took a few listens to grow on me. Like most of Keyshia’s songs, it’s relatable to her female audience.

6. “Woman to Woman” feat. Ashanti- This is a powerful song. It talks about being cheated on and confronting the other woman. The collaboration with Ashanti was actually a good fit surprisingly. This was definitely my favorite song on the album.

7. “Wonderland” feat. Elijah Blake- I’m sure this song is about her husband, NBA star Daniel “Boobie” Gibson. She talks about happiness of a relationship. The duet with Elijah Blake was the perfect touch. It’s a sweet song.

8. “I Choose You”– Keyshia showed off her vocals in this song. She sung a few falsettos here and there and hit a few high notes. This is a soft song compared to some of the music we’re used to hearing from her.

9. “Stubborn”– This is one of my least favorite songs on the album. I feel like the beat, tempo, lyrics and tone of the song don’t match.

10. “Hey Sexy”– Keyshia turns on her soft sultry voice with this one. It’s a nice song. It isn’t great but it’s listenable for the most part.

 11. “Forever”– Like many of her songs, I like parts of the song, but I don’t the song as a whole. I won’t like the start of the song, but then I’ll like the hook, and that’s exactly the case with this song.

12. “Next Move” feat. Robin Thicke- I was anticipating listening to this song because it features Robin Thicke, and I’m a fan of his. The song isn’t the best I’ve heard from Keyshia Cole but it’s a nice song and the collaboration worked, so I guess I’d listen to this one again.

 13. “Who’s Gonna Hold Me Down” Towards the end of the album Keyshia didn’t put as much effort into her music and that shows in this song. I don’t like this song at all and her music has become repetitive.

14. “Why Lie”– I’m not sure if I’m just over the album at this point, but I don’t like this song neither.

15. “Signature”– This is a cute song. Keyshia Cole drew me back in with this one. This is definitely one of my favorite songs on the album. The message behind it is touching.

 16. “Here We Go”– The beat to this song is up-tempo and techno. I wasn’t too sure what to think about it when it first started. I think she tried to end with something that was different and would blow listeners away, but I don’t think the song did that at all.

3 out of 5 owls

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