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Music Review: Bruno Mars – Unorthodox Jukebox

Tamika Alexander – Arts and Entertainment Editor

Bruno Mars

“Unorthodox Jukebox”


I’ve been a fan of Bruno Mars since his collaboration on the song “Nothin’ On You” with rapper B.O.B. With his debut album “Doo-Wops and Hooligans” in 2010 I became an even bigger fan of his songs “Just The Way You Are” and “Grenade.” Bruno Mars is such a versatile artist when it comes to his vocals. He’s a Grammy-award winning artist and with his newest album “Unorthodox Jukebox” he shows listeners exactly why.

1. “Young Girls”– This song is similar to the single “Locked Out of Heaven” with its beat, tempo and tone. I do like the song but in all honesty I couldn’t wait to hear “Locked Out of Heaven” so I didn’t really give this song a chance right away.

2. “Locked Out of Heaven”– This is my favorite song out right now. Ever since I seen Bruno Mars perform this on the Victoria Secret fashion show, I’ve been completely addicted to the song. I get so excited when it comes on the radio. This single has been topping the Billboard charts for weeks.

3. “Gorilla”– This song was not at all what I expected with such a title. The song turned out to be a sexy song. It’s rated explicit. Bruno Mars takes listeners to another place with such descriptive lyrics and vulgar language. This is one of my favorite songs on the album.

4. “Treasure”– This is an up-tempo song with an old school beat. It makes me want to dance or go to an 80’s party and jam all the way down the soul train line. It’s a cute song about cherishing your significant other.

5. “Moonshine”– When the song began, I was turned off instantly. Once the beat dropped and he started to sing, I actually liked it. I’m a sucker for love and a man that isn’t afraid to sing about it. Bruno Mars wants his “Moonshine” to take him to a special place. He sings about being on cloud nine and being among the stars.

6. “When I Was Your Man”– This song is relatable on so many levels. Bruno Mars sings about not knowing and understanding what he had until it was gone in terms of a relationship. He admits to not doing what he should have to make his significant other happy and he is now realizing his mistake. This song is another one of my favorites on the album.

7. “Natalie”– I wonder if this song is based on a real life situation that Bruno Mars experienced. This is an angry song. Natalie is a gold-digger that took him for all he had. The beat of the song is cool and definitely a “head-bopper.”

8. “Show Me”– This song has an island-reggae beat to it. It makes me think of sandy beaches and women swaying their hips to the Caribbean music. I wouldn’t have expected a song like this from Bruno Mars, but I like it.

9. “Money Make Her Smile”– I don’t know what it is about this song but it reminds me of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson. This was actually one of the first songs I listened to on the album, and I listened to it a few times before I gave the rest of the album a chance.

10. “If I Know”– Out of all the songs on the album this is my least favorite. He could have ended the album with the song before this one, and he would have went out with a bang.

4 out of 5 owls

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