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ProCon hosts the first PB&J of the new year

Solé Scott – Features Editor

PB&J Thursday was back in effect as students waited in a lengthy line to grab snacks and drinks on their way to class. 

The event was held on Thursday, September 14, at 12 p.m. The line extended from the hallway across the Bagel Wagon to the elevators in Engelman.  

Biology major Nicholas Lastrina, a sophomore, was one of many students who visited the Procon table on his way to science class. 

“When I heard about it freshmen year, I went almost every time because I saw a bunch of my friends,” Lastrina said. 

The tables were filled with snacks such as Oreos, Smucker’s sandwiches, fruit snacks, chips, water, and Kool-Aid. 

“The food is the additive that you get,” said Lastrina. 

This event draws in huge crowds every Thursday, so how long has Procon been doing this? 

Psychology major Avery Loomis, a junior, is a senior daytime programmer this year for Procon. 

“PB&J has been happening for years. It started at least five or six years ago,” Loomis said. 

This event was created to help fuel students’ brains during the daytime as classes were in session. 

“I would recommend someone coming to work for Procon, but I would also recommend people to come to all the events,” Loomis said. “Who doesn’t like free stuff?” 

Biology major Craig Huydic, a sophomore, and peer mentor, was one of many students that grabbed a few goodies from the event. 

“I went mainly because of my friends; I knew that they were all going as well and wanted to hitch along with them and get a couple cool snacks,” Huydic said. 

If it is not for the food, then the event’s purpose is to link current and new friends together during a busy school schedule. 

“The real reason I come to this event is because sometimes just passing by, I see a friend and want to stop in line or meet some new people on Southern’s campus,” Lastrina said. 

As the event neared the end, the tables that once displayed various foods were semi-empty as some chips and Smucker’s sandwiches were left to be taken. 

Boxes upon boxes scatter the surrounding floor behind the table that displays the number of snacks students went through. 

“Free food is free food and if I have the time, I would love to get it,” Huydic said. 

Anyone who visits the Procon table for PB&J Thursdays all say they would recommend anyone to go. 

“100 percent I would recommend and it’s not even that long of a line. You go there, you sign in and you get whatever you want and leave,” said Huydic. 

The event is successful as students make their way back each time every Thursday through their college years. 

“It was not my first time; I have been there a pretty good amount of times,” Hyudic said. 

Students have to wait until Sept. 21 to grab a diverse number of snacks and drinks to alleviate hunger and thirst throughout the school day. 

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