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Jess Dow Field gets a new look for upcoming seasons

Matt Cain – Contributor

During the end of the spring semester and throughout the summer, Jess Dow Field was upgraded with a new turf and track field to help student-athletes.  

For years, the university has been finding new ways to upgrade its facilities. During mid-May of 2023, Jess Dow Field was the latest renovation to athletics. The new field was renewed with a high-tech and high-performance turf.  

The new complex turf being put on the field is not the only thing that is being renovated.  

The track on the outside of the field is also being upgraded as well. Although not done yet, the athletic department plans to put up a pole vault runway as well as a long jump runway.  This magnificent new turf has all the athletes buzzing and all the coaches excited to get their kids out there to test it out.  

Women’s soccer head coach Adam Cohen praised the staff for the new upgrade to the field.  

“I love it. I feel like this was a  job well done on the faculty’s part,” Cohen said.  

As the head coach of the soccer team, Cohen got to see the new technology firsthand. During the preseason his team would practice on the new field, and be very pleased with the firm grip and grass-like texture of the turf.  

Former athletic director Chris Barker and current Associate Director of Athletics and Coordinator of Athletic Facilities director Joe Hines teamed up to put together a new field that is not only presentable but fitting for high-quality athletes. Hines put in hard work behind the scenes to get the right layout and design for this turf.  

“ I came in with high expectations and they were met, This is the best we had,” Hines said 

In the past seven years, the athletic department has been through three or more turf fields. With the athletic department raving about this recent one, this could be the best one so far.  

“The old turf was very bad”. Hines said. 

Since the new merger between recreation/clubs sports along with athletics, the new renovations are soon to benefit club sports teams as well. 

 Club sports teams such as men and woman’s rugby, lacrosse and men’s and women’s soccer. These club teams will have the chance to play on the new field and in the future have a better field to practice on too.  

“We have to follow through with the next steps, as in give time to club sports and even build a new field for them as well,” Hines said. 

With the new field ready, there have been a few athletes who are excited about this new field. Midfielder Tori Gealone is a graduate student who also transferred to the university in 2022. She played on both fields and saw an immediate change.  

“The old one was bumpy, specifically for field hockey games,” Gealone said.  

As said before the new turf consists of one of the best turfs for collegiate sports. Gealone loved how the turf felt. With fall sports underway, athletes believe this field can help in the most little ways possible. 

 Without the bumps and holes in the ground, sports teams can now execute their plays correctly and more efficiently. The renovations have a huge upside and have everybody excited for the future.  

  “It’s a great time to be an Owl,” Cohen said.  

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