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BTS member AgustD performs live

Sofia RositaniEditor-in-Chief

“A to the G, to the U, to STD I’m d-boy because I’m from the D I’m the crazy guy, the lunatic on the beat Sending listeners to Hong Kong with my rap My tongue technology” AgustD aka Min Yoongi rapped in UBS Arena on April 27.  

We usually do not review concerts in the newspaper but since it is my final paper, I decided to do this since I have been reviewing BTS for so long now, so I thought why not talk about seeing my favorite rapper from BTS live.  

I had been waiting for this day for so long. Getting those tickets was rough, waiting to get into the venue was even more rough. I had VIP general admission pit. This meant I had to wait in line basically the entire day in order to get an unobstructed view of AgustD and suffering from lower back pain and hip pain.  

The day begins at 4 am, get ready, get to the venue by 6 am. Wait in line until 10 am when they give out the wristbands and following this, we can either get in another line to wait for the VIP merchandise to open or walk around. Me being the AgustD fan I am I waited in that line until 3:30 pm, it was so worth it. 

I ended up meeting amazing people who were also Army, the fandom name, who came from all over the world, Canada and Germany are two places the people I spoke to came from. We all waited in line for hours to get overpriced merchandise, which I do not regret buying, and to hopefully get as close to the barricade as possible. During this time, we ended up making signs, mine saying “Min Yoongi saved my life.”  

The time came for us to get in for soundcheck, something I had never been a part of before. It was amazing. I never thought I would see the person whose music basically saved my life live; he was absolutely gorgeous. I cried the entire time. During the soundcheck he performed “People,” “People Pt. 2,” and “SDL.” The fact that I got to see this live before the concert even started blew my mind. He was extremely close since I was only 3 people behind the barricade.  

AgustD began his concert at 8 pm. He started the concert with his latest title song “Haegeum.” this led into his iconic song “Daechwita.” I will not lie throughout the performance I was entirely in shock by the stage presence of this man, someone who has only ever performed with his six other group members. He was so amazing, and it made me fall in love with him even more.  

Throughout the concert he performed other iconic songs such as “AGUSTD,” “Burn It ft. Max,” this song having real fire in the performance that I felt every time I lifted my light stick, it was kind of awesome.  

He performed songs that he usually performs with the others in the rap line, such as “UGH,” “Ddaeng” and the “Cypher” songs. This was so cool to hear live especially since he did a mashup of them.  

The energy throughout his performances was amazing too, especially since he brought up how the night before made his shoulder injury hurt a lot. He really kept us on our toes and at some points made us laugh. I do not think he realizes how much power he has over us fans because there was a point where he put his finger to his lips to quiet us and the arena immediately quieted down.  

“Oh, you guys listen really well,” AgustD said.     

He also made funny faces when the fans barked at him, something I still do not understand.  

In one of his final performances, he sang my favorite song, “Nevermind.” When he did, I became a puddle of tears because this song helped me through so much pain and hardships I went through and if I ever had the chance to speak to him, I would thank him for his music and how he has helped me with a lot of issues I have gone through in the past and present. 

 I wish I could have attended the second night in Newark but alas it became too expensive, but I am so happy and thankful I finally had this experience of seeing the man I have basically been in love with for years live up close and in person.   

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