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Final Exam check-in with students

Jaylen CarrSports Editor

With students eager to start summer break, final exams week looms, and students express their challenges and confidence heading into finals. 

Mathematics major Joe Ciccone, a freshman, said he feels most confident about the Italian exam because of his professor.  

“My professor is very good, and he helped me understand all the material,” Ciccone said. 

Accounting major Peter Cappetta, a senior, said that because of his excellent business law course grade, he feels confident that he will do well on the exam.  

“I think it’s just a paper, and I can use all my resources to get it done,” Cappetta said. “It is not like a typical test.” 

Healthcare studies major Kayla Eaddy, a senior, said she has two finals, and her public health final will be the easiest. 

“It is pretty much a self-explanatory class,” Eaddy said. “It is not a lot of vocabulary, and it is easy to study for.” 

Sociology major Julian Cammarasana, a junior, said he feels confident going into his two sociology finals because he is used to the topics discussed in the courses.  

“It is a pretty interesting topic, and I think I will do really good on them,” Cammarasana said.  

Final exams can bring anxiety and stress for some students because some finals are a significant part of their final grades in the course.  

“Because exams require you to produce information and results, not just receive them as in lectures, they are stressful,” according to Student Health Services—Cerrito College. “Your mind and body naturally react to the anticipation of these demands. Getting “psyched up” about finals helps you stay alert, attentive, and focused. Too much worry, however, may lead to final exam panic.” 

Ciccone said his calculus exam would be his most challenging because of the material discussed throughout the course.  

“It is a tough class to grasp,” Ciccone said. “It is a lot of material.” 

Geography is not subject that Cappetta is interested in. He said that is going to be his most challenging final.  

“As an accounting major, I have no interest in that what’s so ever, and I am dreading taking it completely,” Cappetta said. 

Even though she is just taking two finals, Eaddy said it is her online public health course.  

“I think that is why it is making me more anxious because we do not have that in-person class time,” Eaddy said.  

Cammarasana said he is concerned about his upcoming anthropology exam. 

“It is a research paper, and it is pretty bulky,” Cammarasana said. “I’m just trying to get that done.” 

The cause for stress during finals is caused by distorted thinking about the exam and behavioral patterns in preparing for the exam, according to the Student Health Services—Cerrito College.  

“Distorted thinking is the unrealistic way students think about themselves and their exams. Several worry excessively about the grades they think they’ll receive as if worrying over grades will help them prepare better,” according to the Student Health Services—Cerrito College. “Behavioral patterns, such as study habits, are a second cause.” 

With summer break approaching, students are excited about the opportunities and fun the break will bring.  

 “I just can’t wait to go out and enjoy the sun,” Ciccone said. “I work at a camp in the summer, and going there and working as a lifeguard is going to be fun.” 

Cappetta said he is excited about an internship opportunity this summer. His internship is exciting because it correlates with his accounting major.  

“It is going to be a tax internship in the accounting department,” Cappetta said. “The only problem is that it is all the way in Stamford, but it is going to be a great opportunity.” 

Eaddy said she is excited about graduation and planning her life post-secondary education.  

“My plan is to find a job and have fun,” Eaddy said.  

Cammarasana said he is thrilled about summer break because of the job opportunities.  

“I am excited about the summer because I get a break from school,” Cammarasana said. “Also, I am going to be lifeguarding and making good money.” 

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