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Music Review: AgustD releases D-Day

Sofia RositaniEditor-in-Chief

AgustD, or Min Yoongi is back with a fire, or bultaoleune, track before the release of his new album titled “D-Day.”  

The song “People Pt. 2 (feat. IU)” is a song about solitude during COVID-19 and how he felt during the quarantine. This song is very impactful and is a sequel to his song “People” in his prior album “D-2.” 

The album will be released April 21, with his tour beginning April 26, in Belmont Park.  

This music video comes after another BTS member, Park Jimin, became number one on Billboard.  

“While the original “People” saw Suga reflecting on himself and meditating on how others judge and change, Part 2 longs for connection with others,” according to Billboard.  

This song has an R&B sound to it and even if you cannot understand the lyrics, you can hear the longingness through their voices. AgustD has also gotten so much better with his vocals because through this BTS break he has been training a lot recently.  

“Since its debut, BTS’ musical appeal has reached globally largely through the septet’s extended metaphors and imagery, translating into accessible storytelling alongside boundary-pushing compositions and choreography,” according to Billboard. “Suga’s range of material is vast, after producing on essentially every BTS album, not to mention scoring high-profile collaborations with everyone from Halsey and Juice WRLD to Epik High and Japan’s ØMI. But now, he’s emphasizing the topics that move him personally — and ensuring he’s properly heard.”  

I have the utmost respect for AgustD and his work because everything he releases; he puts his heart and soul into. He will not release something he is not proud of, and you can tell that in his work when you hear his passionate music.  

“They’re all music made by the person called Min Yoongi. So, I don’t actually have a very different mindset for each moniker — but I would say that the purposes could be somewhat different. Ultimately, the goal of releasing this music is for as many people to listen to my music as possible. So, “People Pt.2” was made thinking about how people will receive AgustD’s music, which is why we also featured IU. It’s kind of a trial to release this music under the name AgustD. I’m actually a little bit worried,” Min said in an interview with Billboard.  

This is the last album we will hear from AgustD for a while after this because following this he will most likely go into his military service. He is not the next member, J-Hope will be the next member to leave for the military.  

“This album doesn’t really finalize everything in its message either. So, there might be a possibility there could be a “Part 3” later on. For now, we’re just trying to say, “Let’s not hate each other. Let’s find a way,” Min said in an interview with Billboard.   

He is 30 years old now and he has a new outlook on life compared to his album, so he wants his music to mirror his life.  

“So, the documentary started as I just wanted to capture and show this process. It started with the purpose of showing SUGA as a producer and songwriter, but it kind of ended up having the worldview of an album-making process. I tried to show the normal, individual side of me as much as possible, but as I am a Korean idol, or K-idol, a lot of scenes were edited out; there were more of those natural scenes and some very good scenes that couldn’t make it in the final version. The documentary and “People Pt.2” try to reveal the natural side of the human Min Yoongi. I just wanted to show that I am this humane person. I am just a human,” Min said in an interview with Billboard.  

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