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Wellness luncheon for leaders

Destene Savariau News Writer

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Development held a luncheon for leaders and aspiring leaders about mental health and wellbeing.  

Hosted by Graduate Interns of Student Involvement and Leadership Development, mainly Talia Lent, the event was meant to provide support and advice for the university’s student leaders. The coordinator of the Wellbeing Center, Dr. Allyson Regis, spoke to students about taking care of their mental health while they are balancing other things. 

“I want students to try to really think about how to really help leaders focus on their wellbeing since a lot of times they’re so focused on other people’s wellbeing that their own slips through the cracks,” said Regis. 

Talia Lent, Graduate Intern of Student Involvement and Leadership Development, and the host of the event for students in the bronze leadership and campus student leaders to get those additional leadership skills. 

“I invited Allison to open up our leadership luncheon series that we’re doing this semester to learn different skills, talk to different faculty members, make connections with other students, everything like that,” said Lent. 

According to Bussiness Administration and English major Reyna Singleton, a freshman, the event was about self-reflection and self-celebration. It was about the things those student leaders have accomplished as a group, what they have accomplished as a group.  

“I came here today because i made so many great friends and connections during these leadership trips and being back here reuniting to everyone has been a joyous thing. It was about celebrating ourselves a little bit,” said Singleton.  

Information Management Service major Alayna Woodhams, a junior, highlighted how it’s essential to hear from established leaders on how they got to where they are, the struggles they faced and how they overcame. 

“It’s important to hear from other perspectives because as a leader, you have to be able to understand everyone,” said Woodhams.  

Math education major Giovanni Bautista, a freshman, felt the event was a success. He notes how It was beneficial and thought he took a lot from it.  

“I think Dr. Alison really gave us a new perspective on being a leader, on my wellbeing, and how I can better it and become a better leader,” said Bautista.  

For students to attend the luncheon, they had to make an RSVP through Owl Connect. 

“What makes people qualified to come to this event was just being in any leadership or social justice leadership position. Everyone here made some type of commitment to be a better person to southern, to community, or to themselves,” said Singleton. 

Regis left many words of advice for student leaders who could not make it to the event. 

Including figuring out what is required versus optional. Asking yourself what are things that you may be able to either let go of or modify your involvement in and what are the priorities you have since being a leader is not their only role. 

“My biggest tip for student leaders who could not make it is, letting go of perfection and also making sure to communicate. If you are struggling to meet the goals that you have set, it’s important to finding the support you need so that things still get done, but you also take care of yourself,” said Regis. 

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