The best moment is yet to come…in Busan 

Sofia RositaniEditor-in-Chief

The best moment is yet to come…in Busan, which held a free BTS concert.  

The World Expo is currently doing bids to organize the 2030 exposition. South Korea, Italy, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia. On Oct. 15 South Korea held a concert featuring BTS.  

For those who have been living under a rock, BTS is a Korean Pop boy group created in South Korea. They have become one of the most influential groups with being invited to the UN to speak on mental health and recently the White House where they spoke to President Biden on stop Asian hate.  

The group consists of seven members: RM or Kim Namjoon, leader and main rapper, Kim Seokjin, vocal and visual, Suga or Min Yoongi, lead rapper, J-Hope or Jung Hosek, lead rapper and main dancer, Park Jimin, lead vocalist and main dancer, Kim Taehyung, vocalist and visual and Jeon Jungkook, main vocalist, lead dancer, sub rapper, face of the group and maknae, also known as the youngest member.  

The event for the World Expo was a concert. Since the group’s “break,” which does not feel like a break, this is their first performance together. The venue held 52,000 Army, the fanbase name, and dignitaries. Over 30 million watched all over the world in a free livestream, that crashed within 20 minutes of it starting.  

I woke up at 3:40 am to get my computer prepared and to mentally prepare myself for this concert. Was I prepared? Absolutely. Did my computer crash? Absolutely. I was very annoyed because I woke up early to watch it with my Army Bomb light stick, on the normal setting because the app, to connect it to my phone. also crashed due to the concert.  

I did eventually watch it, thanking the people online who totally legally screen recorded it, and my mind was blown. As an old army I was so sad to know they are retiring some of the songs they did perform especially since I never got to see it live and now never will.  

They performed “Run BTS” for the first time ever and it was amazing. Their live vocals are no joke when dancing. The choreography at times made me laugh but then I hear RM rap “run beautiful,” my heart skips a beat.  

They performed old songs too such as “UGH,” “Cypher Pt. 3,” “Butterfly” and “Dope.” These songs, according to RM, will be retiring which is incredibly sad to hear. But then again, they also said they were taking a “break” and four months later here we are.  

“At their concert this weekend, Jin revealed himself as the next member to share solo material, and announced he will be dropping a single shortly,” Billboard reports. “I got the opportunity to work with someone I like, so a single will come out soon,” he said, according to People Magazine.  

I am excited to hear Seokjin’s solo album even though my bank account will not. I also hope he dabbles in acting soon since many fans, including me, want to see him in a K-drama. It is still unknown when he is scheduled to go to the military, or if any member will be at all.  

With their song “For Youth,” it is a song for Army to remember that even when they are disbanded, they will always be there for us, and we will be there for them. Same with “Yet to Come,” this is a new chapter of BTS that we are all looking forward to as Army.  

BTS holds a huge piece of Army’s heart. They taught us to love ourselves as we do for them.  

 “Please use me. Please use BTS to love yourself,” RM said.  

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